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The Strawhat bouts were handled first by Oda sensei. The fights between Robin, Franky, Sanji, and Zoro are over. Aside from Usopp, Nami and Chopper have all made vital contributions to the team’s victory. The Samurai Storylines have finally come to an end. In order to complete the five stories, Yamato has to get to the armoury and stop the Yokai from causing the explosion. Momonosuke will be the one to bring down Onigashima, saving the lives of thousands of Wano people.
The conflict between Raizo and Fukurokujo must be settled. There are two more things to take care of: Hiyori and Orochi. We’ll let you in on the final one a little later. Despite the fact that it’s easy to guess. Despite everyone’s predictions, we feel these plots will bring the action to a close, but we’ve all been incorrect so far.
A long, long time has passed, and we don’t know when Act 3 will conclude. A new female character, who may or may not be a mink, will reportedly appear in the film. Some big names are involved, including Shanks. The film’s writers are optimistic, and director Oda sensei is enamoured with the script. The movie’s advertising poster appeared in the Weekly Shonen Jump issue on 5/6 and was pretty spectacular. We have high hopes for this film and expect it to deliver some excellent material. It appears like the live-action is going well. Alvida’s ship was seen a few days ago by the crew.
The group appears to be getting along well, and they’ve been quite forthcoming about the project on social media. We’re hoping the crew has more positive news to share. We may expect to see Raizo and Fukurokujo face up in One Piece Manga 1037. This battle has dragged on for a long time for some reason.
Perhaps the fact that the fights are fought by people who are devoted to their employer has some bearing on the outcome of the storey. We’ll find out. On Tuesday, the spoilers will be released for everyone to read, as the break is almost ended.

Release Date for One Piece Chapter 1037:
As you may be aware, the new year has arrived, and as such, a party is in order. Then there are the breaks. We’ve only had two chapters in the previous three weeks, but there’s a break next week! Thus, in just four weeks, we’ll have finished two books. After that, we plan to return to our regular schedule. Around January 12, 2022, the raw scans of One Piece 1037 will be made available in their original Japanese format. Their appearance in the most recent Weekly Shonen Jump edition and subsequent leaks indicate that they have already been made public.
Shonenjumpplus, on the other hand, offers them for hire.
Fan translations often take a few days to complete. Translations aren’t required, but with a popular show like this, it’s hard to resist. Priority is given to English, Korean, and French editions.

On January 14th, 2022, we anticipate receiving the English fan scans.
When the One Piece 1037 English Chapter comes out, it will be accessible to read on Viz, Shonen Jump, or on February 16, 2022.
Read One Piece 1037. Spoilers:
This week’s break is finally over, the raw scan translations are out, and we finally have some early spoilers to peruse.
What are you waiting for?
It’s called “Shuron Hakke” and has a photo of Vinsmoke Judge, Ichiji, and Reiju on the cover.
First up is the Flower capital, where it’s already getting late and everyone is having a fantastic time. Wishes are written on paper lanterns that float in the air and are intended to be sent to the ancestors.
A panel from One Piece 1037 manga spoilers reveals Kaido and Luffy engaged in their one-on-one combat at the top of the Onigashima Castle.
The sake barrel in the hands of Kaidou. He anticipates that Luffy would get intoxicated during the battle and hence be unable to offer his best effort, so he rushes up to him. Luffy advises Kaidou to refrain from blaming his defeat on being intoxicated.
A drunken Luffy is an honourable opponent for Kaido to acknowledge, says Kaido. Kaido claims that he hasn’t battled anyone 1v1 in a long time.
In this video, we observe Kaidou’s three inebriated fighting styles. His “Sad drunk mode,” “Crying drunk mode,” and “Anger drunk mode” are all examples of this.
Luffy and Kaido use their respective powers to battle one other. Even half of the Onigashima fortress is destroyed by Kaido in his hybrid form.
At the very end of the episode, we see Luffy stop Kaido’s Kanabo with his left hand before stretching out his leg and hitting Kaido in the gut.
With his eyes going blank, Kaido can be seen spitting blood out of the mouth. Do we have to say goodbye to him now? What happened to Kaido?
After spoilers for Chapter 1037, the Gorosei are shown at the top of the red line. They talk about the curse of the Reverie. Afterwards, they turn their attention to the developments in Wano.
Nobody expected anybody to stand up to a monster like Kaido for so long, much alone for so long. Because of this, they believe that Nico Robin has already been detained.
As we reach Wano, the World Government’s fleet reports that a massive shadow is coming.
It’s described as an island by Gorosei when they inquire about it. Gorosei’s forehead is covered with perspiration as the scene returns to them.
“Devil fruit” has been aroused for generations, and it has practically become mythology. Why did the world government go to such lengths to rename this fruit?
Zuneisha is indeed the giant shadow. It’s been a while since the Gorosei talked about this fruit. We’re always on the lookout for any signs of leaks or scans. This section will be updated if we discover any additionally confirmed spoilers. So please keep an eye on our website for updates.
Then there’s the matter of Big Mom. Everything might go wrong if we don’t get rid of her. One Piece 1037 spoilers are very certainly going to include footage of this battle. To defeat this lady, the two supernovas will need all of their weapons at their disposal.

Is King’s story over?
Zoro had defeated King after a long and exhausting battle. Arbel, the King, was slain in combat. But it’s his comparison to Zoro that’s most intriguing. Both Kaido and Luffy aspired to the peak of their own mountains.
It was a promise made by both Zoro and King that they would never lose until their leader was crowned Pirate King.
In the end, it was only Zoro who was able to keep his word. In the midst of his free fall, King recalled his talk with Kaido. Kaido has always been referred to as Joyboy by King, who has committed his life to him. There is a new planet to be created by Kaido.
One Piece Chapter 1037 raw scans are not likely to have any future appearances by King. Meanwhile, the Conqueror’s Haki is in full bloom and Zoro appears to have acquired a new moniker. It’s Zoro, the King of Hell, right now!
What’s going on in the conflict?
The odds are stacked against the coalition forces. They were a little army facing a massive opponent. That, however, has changed. They’ve won a lot of games, but they’ve done so gradually. All of the Tobi Roppo and Calamities have been brought to a halt as of right now. However, there is still a major shift in the game.
The scene’s two most formidable characters are Big Mom and Kaido. Both of them have the power to alter the result of this conflict. We need to get rid of them as soon as possible. Kidd and Law are employing their awakened Devil Fruit powers, but it’s still too difficult for them.
They’re being savaged by Big Mom at every turn. One Piece 1037 manga spoilers may reveal more of this conflict.
Momo is trying his utmost to keep Onigashima from collapsing elsewhere. But Kaido doesn’t care about the fate of the Wano people; his flames are dwindling. He must show that he is capable of saving the island from collapsing.
Hiyori and Orochi are pictured together. The woman’s appearance brings a smile to the man’s face. For some reason, Hiyori is drawing him in.
Denjiro is expected to come in One Piece 1037, and the two of them may put an end to Orochi. However, rather than murdering him, they should capture and punish this abomination.

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