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Byakuya’s riddles are finally unravelled in the most recent chapter by Dr Stone, following the three protagonists’ arrival in space. The chapter opens with the sound of a rocket blasting out into space. As he set out towards the moon, Senku had been daydreaming about his pst. He was able to recall all that had transpired while he and the others were working on a rocket. Despite engaging Xeno in his preparations, Senku is well aware of the long trek ahead. He recalls the time he spent working on the rocket with his crew and Xeno, which was finally successful after several attempts. Everyone on Stone World has come to terms with the fact that the mission to the moon went well. They are pleased that Senku, Xeno, and Kohaku will be able to go to the moon and return. Until Senku arrives, Chrom, Gen, and the rest of the gang converse with each other.
Once the rocket’s component is broken, the three heroes will revive and be able to converse with them when they get in space. They know this. Dr Xeno is getting everything ready for when he finally does get to the three heroes. In the Stone World, everyone is ecstatic and eagerly awaits news from Senku and the rest. Later, as the rocket reaches space, we observe a dazzling display of the night sky. They awaken to find that they have landed on the moon in record time when the rejuvenation fluid blasts within the rocket. Senku was the first one to get out of bed and smile because he was confident that they would succeed.
Chapter 224 Recap for Dr Stone
While waiting for the others to awaken, Senku goes out to contemplate alone, and Stanely finally comes to. Stan appears to be contemplating the use of a cigarette chewing gum, which he catches his eye. Since he can’t smoke in the rocket, Stan checks his pocket for cigarette chewing gum. Senke informed him that he had a feeling he’d be the first one up. Since Dr Xeno wants them to succeed, Stanley is delighted that they have the same aim in mind. He serves as a constant reminder to Senku of the struggles they’ve faced in the past.
Senku says that knowing Stanley had been chasing them for so long made it difficult for him. Senku encouraged Stan to hold his questions about the past for another time. A connection was made between Senku’s gathering and the SDtone World crew led by Dr Xeno. When Gen heard Senku’s voice, he couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in the world. Dr Xeno reminds them of the laws and regulations that they must adhere to. All of them had a voice in the discussion.
The next time Senku sees Kohaku, she is standing in front of the window, and he wonders what she is up to. Seeing the stars in this way was something she had never expected to happen, so she informed him. It was Dr Xeno who informed them about the antique rockets without windows. Since the astronauts wanted to observe the world around them, scientists came up with creative solutions. While talking about the Byakuya’s past in space, Kohaku spoke about the space stations that formerly existed. As for Senku’s father, she brings it up.
Dr Stone Chapter 225 – Raw Details (Online Read)
The official website of VIZ Media has an online version of Dr Stone-Chapter-225. Shueisha’s online magazine and Shonen Jump have been serialising the most current three chapters of Dr Stone Manga. Why-man will shortly be confronted by Senku’s team after the mission’s successful completion. Space ramen was completed, so the three of them proceeded on their voyage. They’re on their way to the moon. After the release of Dr Stone-Chapter 225, we can meet.
Dr Stone-Release Date for Chapter 225
On January 16, 2022, Dr Stone Chapter 225 will be released. Senku explained to Kohaku the history of the Byakuya and how the items they left behind in space had vanished like shooting stars. Kohaku knows that Senku’s father experienced the same things as Senku since Senku’s father once went to the moon. Both Senku and Stan were pleased with Francoise’s meal, and Senku was particularly pleased that they had eaten space Ramen. This chapter’s official details may be found here.

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