The Borderlands Board Game is now available on Kickstarter

The number of board games based on video games is constantly increasing. Borderlands, the popular video game, has just received its official board game release on Kickstarter.
The number of board games based on video games is constantly increasing. Borderlands, another popular video game, has seen the introduction of its original board game on Kickstarter today. The project was funded in a short period of time, and the supporter count astounded the developers. Many stretch goals have already been unlocked as a result of the fans’ support.
“The Vault” is a mythical location in Borderlands, a popular space western-style video game in which players are tasked with locating it. In the meantime, players must shoot and loot their way through stages in order to acquire new goods and enhance their arsenal of weapons. Couch co-op is enabled in the game, which essentially means that two people can play on the same console at the same time, bringing the overall experience to a whole new level of enjoyment. Despite the fact that it was released in 2009, Borderlands has remained a very successful game since its release. A total of four games have been released in the series, and each one has a unique storyline, entertaining DLC, and an exciting new challenge.
Borderlands: Mister Torgue’s Arena of Badassery is a cooperative, multiplayer tabletop board game based on the Borderlands video games, which was funded by Monster Fight Club through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. There was a pledge goal of $80,000, which was surpassed in less than 15 minutes, with many more stretch goals to come. At the time of publication, the project’s current funding level is approximately $380,000, with nine of the stretch goals already achieved. The inclusion of new characters (such as everyone’s favourite, Claptrap), new cards that add bounties to the game, and a new objective that allows participants to upgrade their vending machines were just a few of the stretch goals. Mr Torgue, the game’s titular character, unleashes a barrage of baddies on the players, who must fight each one in order to prove themselves to be the “Ultimate Badass” and earn the title. The Kickstarter page goes into great detail on the game, and it even includes a video that demonstrates how to play it for viewers. With only 20 days left till the end of the year, it will be intriguing to see what else they have planned.
Mr Torque’s Campaign of Carnage from the Borderlands DLC Mr Torque’s Campaign of Carnage looks to have served as inspiration for the board game. Mister Torgues Arena of Badassery can be funded in two ways: through grants and donations. The first of these is the “Arena Casualty” level, which costs $85 to obtain, and the second is the “True Badass” level, which costs $135 to obtain. Donors who make a contribution at the “Arena Casualty” level will receive a copy of the base game and will not be eligible to obtain any of the stretch goals. The “True Badass” level, on the other hand, grants funders access to the main game as well as every stretch goal that has been unlocked so far.
Borderlands isn’t the only video game to have a board game based on it revealed this year; it’s actually the second. Concerned Ape, the maker of the Stardew Valley board game, abruptly discontinued it in February without providing any notice. The similarities and differences between these two games are obvious, but the popularity of video game-based board games is expanding. To be sure, the Borderlands board game will be an exciting and entertaining challenge for friends and families to take on together, much like the Borderlands video game itself.

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