Seraph of the End Chapter 108 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date, Summaries, & Everything you need to know

Chapter 108 will be released in only two days, and fans all over the world will be delighted. The monthly manga usually has long pauses between issues. This has resulted in an increase in anticipation for each month’s publication.
Every time a new chapter is released, the anticipation grows. Yu had previously asked Mika to be his demon in the previous episode. However, he was met with a resounding “no.” After that, what will happen? What are your chances of calling forth a demon? Does Sika Madu have the upper hand in this match-up?

Everything you need to know 

Fans can expect an amazing turn in the story in the future instalment. Sika Madu will finally meet a foe in this one-sided war. Now that Demon Mika has accepted the offer to become Yu’s demon, this is conceivable. Yu will carry out Mikaela’s orders one at a time. Fans are eagerly awaiting the next expedition.

Details of the plot of Chapter 108: Seraph of Endings:

A deadly standoff between Yu and other adversaries will continue in Seraph of the Ends upcoming chapter. From the outset of the competition, he had urged Demon Mika to be his demon. However, the other party declined his offer.
While the battle was slipping from their grip, Demon Mika changed his mind.

The fusion process has already begun by the time of this chapter’s conclusion. This stamp shows that Mika has agreed to become Yu’s Demon. Yu will then summon Mikaela in Seraph of the End Chapter 108.
Finally, the time has come for him to unleash his own personal demon. As a result, the conflict will be massively imbalanced. This is going to be a challenge for Sika Madu.
Saito’s chains will also be a problem. I can’t wait to see what happens when Mikaela unleashes all of her abilities.

It’s time for a recap of the last chapter!

The 107th episode of Owaru no Seraph was titled “Angel’s Plan.” When Yu questioned Mika about his new form in the previous chapter, it was first brought up. Her resolute refusal to be Yu’s demon is a testament to her innocence.
She’s clear about the subject. He said that he observed them as if they were asleep.
When it came to making pentagrams out of metal chains, Saito was the master. With these chains, he stabbed Shinya and Kureto. Sika Madu was then surrounded by chains.

Mahiru stepped in to aid Kimizuki and Yoichi, who had been abandoned by their pals. That’s why the two of them stepped in to help Yu and Mika out. In contrast, Sika Madu arrived to seal Mika and Yu after becoming aware of the action. In addition, Kimizuka and Yoichi were able to escape him. The storey came to a close when Demon Mika accepted Yu’s offer to be his demon. Sika Madu heard a strange voice at the end of the storey, and she immediately recognised it as that of the monster.

Seraph of the End: Chapter 108: Release Date

Every day, Mika, the monster, becomes stronger. Is he, however, capable of defeating Sika Madu on his own? The film is expected to answer all of the questions that fans have been wondering about. Chapter 108 of Seraph Of The End is scheduled to be released in two days, so hurry up! November 3rd, 2021, is the date that the chapter will be out. The following chapter can only be found on the Viz Media website.

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