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Dr Stone is an expert in his field. Ryusui’s desires are revealed in Chapter 221, and Xeno unveils the three heroes who are travelling to the moon. The science team assembles and begins work on a new project while Gen discusses Ryusui’s goals. After the planet was petrified and awakened by Suika, Dr Stone discloses the riddle of the expedition to the moon. In the most recent chapter of Dr Stone, Gen taunts Ryusui about how enthusiastic he is to go to the moon. Francois says Ryusui is an open person who wants everything. Kaseki recalls the team of how they were able to eliminate the pursues. Sai joins the crew and informs them about Ryusui’s childhood activities. Ryusui enjoyed building ships and told Sai that he would sail one day. Sai was always preoccupied with math and physics, whereas Ryusui was always talking about adventures and building his ship. One day, Ryusui begs Sai to assist him with his ship’s science. In the present, Sai demonstrated a rocket flight simulator to the crew. He recalls Ryusui asking him to create one for the ship previously. After seeing Ryusui’s work, the crew rejoices.
They enjoy playing games together, and Ryusui recently set a new record. Ryusi reminds them that he was the champion of the sim game, and Taiju was impressed. He also discussed science and its mission to the moon. When it comes to piloting, the crew recognises that no one can claim to be better than Ryusui. Ryusui is the best in that, and he is the stone world experience pilot, according to Ukyo. Ryusui also recalled some of the events that had occurred in the past. Kohaku, Sai, and Minami keep an eye on Sai’s new science equipment.
Senku believes they will have a combat on the moon, as previously mentioned in Dr Stone Chapter 220. He meets Kaseki and Dr Xeno to discuss lunar combat, something neither of them has ever experienced. Senku believes it’ll be fascinating, and Chrome mentions the medusa. He reveals what they’re going to do because they never do anything without a plan. Joel makes a “Resurrection Watch” for the crew to see. Crome looked at his watch and saw that it contained a dose of resurrection fluid. When Petri-Beam strikes, Joel explains how the watch works. Chrome believes that it should be available to everyone on the planet.
He believes that if everyone wears the watch, the universal certification will no longer worry them. Xeno had something to say about the medusa mountains. Kohaku isn’t sure how they’ll handle it. Tsukasa informed them of the multistage attacks and provided information on the Petr-Beam waves. Before the next medusa unleashed its wave of light, he advised the crew to take action. Senku is confident that secondary special items would be beneficial. They developed a new weapon that looked like a machine gun and blew up when it fired. The Granade Net Launcher is revealed to be the Ultimate Weapon.
Chrome was relieved to learn that the Ultimate Weapon had defeated the medusa. They grab guns later and practise firing at the medusa who is on the line. Since they were three heroes on their way to the moon, Senku, Kohaku, and Ryusui had been practising shooting. They’ll get petrified, and the Resurrection Watch will bring them back to life. During practising, Ryusui demonstrates exceptional abilities. Senku and Kohaku were both impressed and complimented him. Ryusui believes that the world’s finest marksman is someone better than him.
Release Date for Dr Stone Chapter 221
On December 5, 2021, Dr Stone Chapter 221 will be released. Only those who fight the Kingdom of Science are aware of the mysteries surrounding the hidden room, as Ryusui knows. He realises that was previously the resting place of their most powerful warrior. Ryusui went to that location, and Stanley Snyder was revealed to be the strongest warrior there. Let’s take a look at the official Dr Stone Chapter 221 details.
Online Chapter 221 of Dr Stone – Raw Details
On Shonen Jump’s official website, you can read Dr Stone Chapter 221 online. The most recent updates and chapters of Dr Stone Manga can be found on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s online magazine. Every Sunday, a new chapter and the most recent updates will be posted, and the most recent three chapters will be available for free. This week, the spoilers for Dr Stone Chapter 221 will be released. Let’s get together when Dr Stone Chapter 221 comes out.

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