Spoilers, Release Date, and Raw Scans for Black Clover Chapter 316 (Delayed)

Yki Tabata, the creator of Black Clover, appears to be taking a vacation after not one but two chapters featuring many full-spread pages. That’s correct; in this week’s issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, there will be no new chapter of Black Clover; instead, the series will return the next week.
Recap of Chapter 315
‘Big Decisive Battle,’ the preceding chapter of Black Clover, began with a massive mega battle between the Black Bull headquarters and Lucifero’s new form. Nacht can be seen on the side, watching Lucifero fight his friends and trying to think of a way to talk the monster down. Finally, he realises that if everyone succeeds in rescuing Yami and Vangeance, Lucifero’s imperfect incarnation will be put to an end.
Even though Lucifero is unfinished, he is still too powerful for the Black Clover members who are fighting. But the Black Bulls don’t give up and, with the support of Mereoleona and Fuegoleon, make a new attack on the devil. But the demon is too strong and rips the Black Bull’s base apart. The Spade citizens plead for aid as Lucifero appears to have won, despite the fact that they are being crushed by gravity.
As we switch to Asta, who is a little further away in the mountains, the Black Bulls hear everyone’s pleading and all yell out that everything will be OK. And the chapter comes to a close with Asta carefully raising Yami’s sword, poised to strike Lucifero with a probable fatal blow.
Spoilers for Chapter 316
Spoilers and raw images for Black Clover chapter 316 have yet to be released. Normally, spoilers are released around this time, but because chapter 316 has been delayed, it will be some time before the spoilers are released. We’ll post any new information here as soon as it becomes available.
Date of Publication
As usual, the official release date for Black Clover chapter 316 was set for Sunday, December 5th, 2021. This week’s chapter, on the other hand, has been postponed, most likely so that Yki Tabata, the series’ author, can take a well-deserved rest.
Black Clover will be back next week, with chapter 316 set to be released on Sunday, December 12th, 2021. If anything changes, we will make sure to update this page!
Where Can I Find Books?
Both Viz.com and Manga Plus include official and free versions of Black Clover. Please read the manga in its entirety to show your support for both the author and the series.
In the comments section below, let us know what you think of the current chapter. Stay tuned till next week, when we’ll be back with even more Black Clover content.

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