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One Piece is a popular anime series known for its amazing adventures and difficulties encountered by pirates. It is one of the most exciting and scary animes of all time. The Void Century, Joyboy, and the Ancient Kingdom are the three pillars upon which One Piece is built. One Piece refers to the treasure left by the Pirate King on the final island, Raftel, in the manga series. The next Pirate King will be whoever makes it to the final island. One Piece, on the other hand, is more than a treasure; it is the knowledge of the Void Century.
We have observed Gol D Roger’s journey to realise his ambitions with Oden in the previous chapters. He later learned that he was not the first pirate to reach the final island. 800 years ago, Joyboy arrived on this island. The treasure left by Joyboy taught Roger about ancient weaponry, Will of D, and the void century. Oda sensei has only revealed this to us. In this post, we’ll look into Joyboy’s path to becoming the first Pirate King, as well as the significance of the apologetic note he left on Fishman Island.
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Joyboy’s Story in One Piece-
Joyboy is a pirate from the Void Century who left his knowledge on the final island, according to Oda sensei. As a result, he became identified with the Void Century as it neared its conclusion. Joyboy’s quest began amid the other 20 nations’ slaughter of the Ancient Kingdom.
They transmitted their information engraved on Poneglyphs across the four blues during their loss. Joyboy had transported one Poneglyph to Fishman Island, proving that he is definitely a descendant of the Ancient Kingdom. The information carved on the Poneglyphs is written in an ancient language that requires special understanding to decipher.
Joyboy developed a friendship with “Poseidon,” the Merfolk, during his travels. Joyboy’s ship, Noah, one of the most massive ships in One Piece history, was dragged by the Sea Kings. He made a commitment to “Poseidon,” which led her to believe that their species should work together with humans.
Imu Sama also displays the huge straw hat, which is identical to Roger’s and has belonged to Joyboy, as a national treasure. Joyboy’s connection to “Poseidon,” the second-largest ship, and the National Treasure all point to him being a giant.
Joyboy had previously walked the Grand Line in search of the Poneglyphs, arriving at the final island 800 years ago. As a result, he had become a menace to the United Nations. As a result, they decided to wipe his history from the One Piece universe. As a result, after they reach the last island, only Roger pirates know Joyboy’s true identity.
The Apology Message’s Meaning- Joyboy betrayed his vow to lead the “Poseidon” toward collaboration and unity between humans and fishmen. Because he was caught up in the fight between the Ancient Kingdom and the other 20 Kingdoms, he delegated his duties to someone else of the same Will. Joyboy’s Will will be fulfilled by the one who has the same Will as Joyboy. In that regard, he sent Fishman Island an apology message for failing to keep his commitment.
According to this idea, Joyboy’s wish is a manifestation of D’s Will. Roger was well aware that he would be unable to carry out his Will because “Poseidon” had not yet been born. As a result, he chose to begin the Great Pirate Era in the hopes that the same Will would one day fulfil Joyboy’s request.
Another Will of D Theory- A fan recently connected the Will of D to Blackbeard. Blackbeard ate two devil fruits, Yami Yami no Mi and Gura Gura no Mi, according to legend. So, how is he going to make it with two devil fruits? The human body cannot consume the power of two devil fruits, according to the One Piece series. Hence anyone who consumes more than one devil fruit will explode. But it didn’t happen with Blackbeard. Why?
Many people have speculated that it is one of Yami Yami no Mi’s talents. Because the darkness consumes the strength of the second devil fruit, the person who ate Dark-Dark fruit can eat other demon fruits. Another fan idea is that Blackbeard is more than one person, that he suffers from many diseases or that his body is disabled in some way. That’s why he can eat two or more devil fruits and doesn’t sleep.
Let’s compare Will of D’s abilities to Blackbeard’s. Marshall D. Teach is Blackbeard’s full name, and he is also a member of the D clan. D, in my opinion, is a race of humans that can consume many devil fruits. That is why they are so hazardous, and the World Government has suppressed this information. The letter D is thought to stand for demon or devil, which is why these super-ability fruits are known as Devil Fruits.
This knowledge is likewise recorded in D’s Will, and the National Treasure is nothing more than D’s Will. Doflamingo is well aware of this fact, which is why he poses a threat to the World Government. Doflamingo indicated in the image above that the one whose presence alone if revealed to the world, would rock it to its core. It indicates that if Doflamingo shares this information, the One Piece World will be thrown into chaos. And it’s possible that Blackbeard learned this from someone or something. He was able to blend two devil fruits because of this. Perhaps Monkey D. Dragon is aware of this truth as well, which is why he is currently the World Government’s greatest threat.

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