In Black Clover Chapter 316, Ultra Black Bull faces up against the King of Supreme Devils.

In Black Clover Chapter 316, the Ultra Giant Showdown, the Ultra Black Bull vs the King of Supreme Devil begins. After the Black Bulls teamed together to defeat Morris and the Supreme Devils, this happened. In order to save Captain Yami and William, the Black Bulls plan to rescue them. The war in the Underworld and the opening of the Underworld’s gates are revealed by Black Clover. Ultra Black Bull slammed a devastating punch on Supreme Devil’s face in the current chapter of Black Clover, after all the members of Black Bull agreed to go all-out in the fight. They made the conscious decision to win the war by uniting and striking as a unit.
It doesn’t matter what happens; they were informed by Nacht, they must prevent the Devil King from entering the human world. It is agreed that the Black Bulls will strike with deadly blows if they are successful. Everyone in the Spade Kingdom is shocked to see such fierce combat taking place inside the kingdom. Before the Ultra Black Bull comes, the warriors outside the castle are unable to move due to Gravity Magic. Captain Yami and the Golden Dawn Captain can be seen by Luck.
In the end, the remainder of the squad agreed to free Yami and William from the enchantment. The King Supreme Devil’s fury continues as he and Ultra Black Bull trade blow. Lucifero and Qliphoth have fused, and they are both using vessels to manifest, while Yami with William is inside the vessel’s core. Nacht took his Devil form to see this. They can save Yami and William now since Luficero hasn’t appeared yet. To save the two, he decided to let them go while others fought the King of Supreme Devils.

Black Clover Chapter 315 Recap
In order to close the Underworld, they need to rescue Yami and William. The King of Supreme Devils is taking some damage from the Ultra Giant Bull, which is also causing some harm to itself. Gordon, Charmy, and Vanessa discover that the King of Supreme Devil isn’t at 100%, but they still feel huge magic and wonder how they can stay up with it because they tried to absorb that magic. Vanessa knows that Rogue’s power isn’t adequate, but they can protect the core area if necessary. Because of this, they’re on a time crunch and need to act immediately.
The Black Bulls have agreed that they must settle the matter sooner rather than later. They’ve unleashed two blazing dragons outside the Spade Kingdom castle to assist them in slicing the High-Ranked Devils. They’ve formed an effective duo that attacks as a unit. Back inside, King of Supreme Devils vs Ultra Black Bull resumes. At the same time, the Black Bulls and the Ultra Black Bulls use their combinations simultaneously. Out there, they feared they would not be able to survive if the gravity increased any further.
Because they can stand up in the face of gravity, the warriors wonder what Fugeleona and Mereoleon are made of. We can only witness explosions and bangs from both sides as the conflict rages on. The warriors on the outside believe that they will be crushed to death by gravity at any moment. They pray for a hero to come and rescue them. The Black Bulls are optimistic that things will improve in the near future. Yamai’s blade is in Asta’s hands as she prepares to strike the final blow. A person’s name, though, was being shouted as he readied for the fight. With Asta carrying Captain Yami’s sword, this chapter comes to a conclusion.

Release date of Black Clover Chapter 316
December 12, 2021, will be the publication date for Black Clover Chapter 316. It’s just a matter of time before the Magic Knights and Devils face off in a climactic fight. Only one enemy, the King of Supreme Devils, must be defeated in order to close the Underworld. Therefore this war could be over soon. Here are the official details for Black Clover Chapter 316.

Chapter 316 – Raw Details – Black Clover Online
On Shonen Jump’s official website, you can read Black-Clover Chapter 316 online. Shueisha’s web magazine and VIZ Media also post Black Clover Manga’s latest chapters, spoilers, and updates on Sundays. Before Sunday, spoilers for Black-Clover Chapter 316 will be released. The manga Black Clover Chapter 316 has been postponed and will be back on the date shown above. Black-Clover Chapter 316 will be available soon.

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