Explaining the Power of Hakari Kinji in Jujutsu Kaisen

The Culling Game Arc of Jujutsu Kaisen has been presenting us to new characters one by one. Hakari Kinji is one of these characters whose existence has been teased since Gojo Satoru claimed that he is as powerful as Okkotsu Yuta. He’s also known as one of the infamous third-year students that were suspended.
Finally, in Chapter 153, Akutami Gege had the opportunity to give him a proper introduction. Due to Kenjaku’s Culling Game putting the entire planet in jeopardy, our powerful sorcerers asked Hakari Kinji and his partner Hoshi Kirara to join them.
Jujutsu Kaisen is a horror-fantasy manga series written by Akutami Gege, whose popularity is growing by the day, with a colossal fanbase. A limited population of humans born with Cursed Energy fights Cursed Spirits utilising Cursed Techniques in a world where Cursed Spirits abound.
Various Cursed Techniques and powerful sorcerers have been invented and introduced in the series. Gojo Satoru, Okkotsu Yuta, Zenin Maki, and others are on the list. In the middle of all of this, Hakari Kinji’s jujutsu strength has been mentioned as being worthy of our hopes. So let’s take a closer look at his abilities as they’ve been presented in the series thus far.
Kinji Hakari’s Jujutsu Kaisen Power
Hakari Kinji, along with Okkotsu Yuta, is regarded as one of the most powerful jujutsu sorcerer students. Unfortunately, his relationship with Hoshi Kirara, his girlfriend, has been suspended for the third year.
According to them, the traditional jujutsu regulations did not accept their new tactics and use of sorcery. Hakari had a run-in with a traditional boss and had broken the norms. Okkotsu Yuta, a second-year Okkotsu, has admitted that Hakari is stronger than him. However, he has also stated that his capricious personality is likely his only flaw.
In Chapter 155, we get a taste of what Hakari is capable of. His strength comes from his ability to fight with his hands. We must keep in mind that we know very little about his jujutsu techniques. Even so, we must consider the strength and quality of the cursed energy he had shown in his attack on Itadori Yuji.
Hakari kicked and struck Yuji so hard that each one had a booming impact, dissatisfied with Yuji’s answer for what motivated ‘passion.’ Hakari has been organising a fight club outside of Jujutsu High and has a deep interest in human passion, or ‘fever.’ Many followers believe that his Cursed Technique is linked to his fondness for ‘fever.’
Kinji Hakari’s Cursed Technique in Jujutsu Kaisen-
The name of Kinji Hakari’s Cursed Technique has yet to be revealed in the series. However, we’ve examined his cursed technique below, based on feedback from fans.
Hakari was seen using what readers identified as Japanese Tatami mats in Chapter 155. Two of them were summoned to prevent his opponent from moving. He made use of this ability twice. The mats first appeared on Yuji’s left and right sides, falling to the ground, before closing up like a gate beneath Yuji’s boots. That motion most likely restricted his foot movements, followed by a knee kick.
Yuji’s wrists and neck were then pinned between two mats a second time as if emulating the guillotine equipment. This provided Hakari with an opportunity to smack him in the face.
Many fans believe that his use of Tatami mats was little more than an extension of his core Cursed Technique. This appeared to have sparked because of Akutami Gege’s earlier this year conversation with Fuji TV’s Mando Kobayashi.
During this time, he hinted that Hakari’s power stems from his name, which literally means scales.’ What could be the connection between these scales and what appeared to be Tatami mats? It’s a question that our author will only be able to address in the next chapters.
Kinji Hakari’s Jujutsu Kaisen abilities include

1. Rapid reflexes and agility – Hakari’s attacks are quick and speedy. His first attack had caught Yuji off guard in the blink of an eye. Hakari tossed the glass of booze at Yuji just as he was going to explain. The next thing we know, he’s introducing Tatami mats again, constraining Yuji’s movements and continuing to throw kicks or punches with dexterity.
2. Physical strength – Kinji can hit bone-damaging punches because of his well-built, strong body and his primary fighting posture of hand-to-hand combat. Yuji’s honest reaction to their effect, although being on the defensive, was to find a punch worthy of a baseball bat with sharp cutting edges.
3. Sharpness – Yuji had piqued Hakari’s interest from the moment he stepped into the battlefield. He was quick to observe his actions and his deliberate attempt to attract attention. After speaking with him, he was convinced that Yuji had other ambitions than joining the fight club.
Despite his lack of aptitude for lying, Yuji has been doing a fantastic job. But it couldn’t endure long in front of Hakari. Kirara didn’t tell him anything about the infiltrators, but one missed call from her convinced Hakari that Yuji was a Jujutsu High student.
4. Rapid deliberation and formulation
In chapter 160, Hakari hypothetically organised each member’s action after receiving reports on most of the current happenings of the Jujutsu world from Panda, Fushiguro Megumi, and Itadori Yuji. He told Megumi and Yuji to take care of Higuruma Hiromi, Panda’s Angel because he has a good sense of smell, and he sent Kirara to supervise from outside the barrier because cellphones won’t work. Finally, he has left Kashimo Hajime, a 400-year-old magician, alone.
We still have a lot more to discover and verify regarding Hakari’s Cursed Techniques. The show has yet to provide an official explanation. Until then, we fans will have to be content with being teased and having fun guessing what the author has in mind based on the hints he is dropping.

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