What Senku Ishigami’s MBTI Says About Him, Dr Stone

Senku Ishigami, played by Dr Stone, is a secretive yet smart young man who adores science and engineering, as seen by his MBTI.
Dr Stone is a prominent manga/anime series that falls into the ever-growing “edutainment” trend by teaching and empowering viewers with knowledge of science, industry, art, and more. Dr Stone concentrates on STEM in particular since its hero, the intelligent Senku Ishigami, is interested in engineering, chemistry, and other hard sciences.
Senku, on the other hand, is still a shonen hero at heart, rather than the reclusive, eccentric Dr Frankenstein kind. Senku, despite his introversion and lack of love experience, is determined to use his unique mind and the power of science to protect and preserve humanity at all costs. He has evolved into a visionary of the future and a leader in the New Stone Age, as evidenced by his MBTI personality type.
ISTJ-A, The Logistician, is Senku Ishigami’s MBTI Personality Type.
Senku’s MBTI personality type is ISTJ-A, which stands for Introverted Observant Thinking Judging Assertive, and his code is for Introverted Observant Thinking Judging Assertive. Senku is the Assertive type because he is always confident in who he is and what he can do. He rarely doubts himself or his accomplishments for long periods of time. When an idea or concept goes poorly, he will recognize his mistakes and be willing to cancel a project and rethink things. Senku, on the other hand, is a bold leader who uses his perceptive and thinking characteristics to inspire the inhabitants of Ishigami village and, eventually, the members of the erstwhile Empire of Might.
As one might expect from a Logistician, Dr Stone’s Senku is rather introverted, and while he isn’t a misanthrope or a cynic, he also finds little pleasure or value in deep personal interactions or talks. Others are there to assist him in gathering raw materials or making copper wires, not to discuss personal things, according to him. Senku cares greatly about mankind and believes in the potential of others, but he will not give a moving speech to that effect.
Senku and other logisticians are noted for making few assumptions and instead closely monitoring the world around them in order to determine the best strategy to achieve their objectives, hence the Observant portion of the ISTJ. Senku values practicality, logic, and function, and he won’t believe anything unless he sees it for himself. Hard proof and tangible observations are preferred by the protagonist, Dr Stone, above daydreams and wishful thinking.
ISTJs value efficiency, purpose, and integrity, and they pledge to see a project through to completion, no matter how difficult it may be. Senku is a strong-willed and determined logistician who can rapidly acquire a coworker’s trust and admiration by never failing to keep their commitments. Senku may be physically weak, but he is by far Dr Stone’s strongest character cognitively, and in a 21st-century company, he would be named Employee of the Month 12 times a year. ISTJs, on the other hand, can be a little too stubborn or insensitive for their own good.
In the role of Senku Ishigami as a logistician, Dr Stone
Since the beginning of Dr Stone’s story, Senku has been a model Logistician, including flashbacks to his childhood. He had few acquaintances as a child, preferring to spend his time researching various branches of science and fiddling with various pieces of technology in his bedroom. These were his days of rash experimentation when, as a typical ISTJ, he meticulously tried one rocket or contraption after another, returning to the drawing board again and time again until he reached the desired results. Senku considers an experiment to be complete only when he has a working model to show for it.
Senku uses both the logical aspect of his ISTJ personality and the calm rationality he needs to think his way out of obstacles in the New Stone Age (3,700 years later). When faced with difficulties such as Tsukasa Shishio, Hyoga the spearman, or even Magma, Logisticians are famed for retaining their calm and remaining grounded in logic, and Senku is no exception. Senku thrives on these trials, knowing that by overcoming them, he and his knowledge will expand. During a mission in Dr Stone, he frequently adjusts to unanticipated challenges and issues, such as when Chrome was taken by the Empire of Might and Senku fashioned a steam tank armed with a gun to release him.
In Dr Stone, Senku is brutally honest, but it’s always for the benefit of others and to ensure that everyone understands the problem before progressing. He didn’t hesitate to say how difficult and time-consuming making the sulfa medicine to heal Ruri’s condition would be. Senku’s MBTI will undoubtedly continue to reveal more about him to Dr Stone fans as the series progresses.

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