Spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 315, as well as the release date and raw scans

After many spectacular back-to-back full-page spreads last week, Black Clover is back with another fantastic chapter. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Black Clover’s upcoming 315th chapter, titled ‘Big Decisive Battle.’ We have everything you need right here, from spoilers to release dates and more!
Recap of Chapter 314
In the previous episode of Black Clover, titled ‘Aggregation,’ we saw Mereoleona Vermillion display incredible strength as she takes down one of the giant devils entirely on her own. In fact, she not only defeated it, but she also overwhelmed it, impressing many Spade Kingdom residents.
We next see some heartwarming reunions when other members of the Clover kingdom arrive at the location where Yami and William are being detained. The reunions are cut short, however, when Lucifero, the king of all devils, uses his host’s life to unlock the second entrance to the underworld. All reunions are cut off, and the rescue of the two captains is halted.
Lucifero then gathers all of the devils who emerged from the first and second levels and, utilizing his authority over them, manifests a gigantic monster for himself to rule. Every other devil on the battlefield manifested as a manifestation. The Black Bulls rapidly reply by casting hallmark spells like fate manipulation, mirror multiplication, magic power recovery, and material metamorphosis.
With all of those spells functioning together, the Bulls are able to produce a super-sized replica of their bull stronghold to battle Lucifero at his size.
Spoilers for Chapter 315
Now that we’re all caught up let’s get right into the spoilers for Chapter 314. However, certain raws for the future chapter are already available. Thus there are confirmed spoilers below; you have been warned.
The conflict between Lucifero’s massive leech body and the Black Bulls and their massive mecha base continues in Chapter 315, titled ‘Big Decisive Battle.’ What’s even crazy is that Yki Tabata, the series creator, has many double-page spreads back-to-back.
As previously said, the conflict between Lucifero and the Black Bulls continues in this chapter, but we also get more facts about Lucifero from the Black Bulls’ top demon specialist Nacht! Nacht speaks about the king of all devils while watching the Black Bulls struggle to keep up with Lucifero.
The first thing Nacht notices is that this isn’t Lucifero’s true appearance but rather something he barely managed to force. This means that this Lucifero is far weaker than the original. But if Lucifero can keep the gate open as long as he is now, he will be fully manifested. Knowing that they must escape it at all costs, Nacht devises a strategy, as captains Vengeance and Yami are at the heart of its manifestation. Getting those two back should put a halt to Lucifero’s appearance.
Nacht is aware that this strategy has the potential to succeed, but there is one huge flaw. Lucifero, despite being imperfect, is nonetheless tremendously strong, as evidenced by his combat against the Black Bulls. It is revealed that the Black Bull members are beginning to falter; Gordon is now having difficulties absorbing all of the curse energy that Lucifero is emitting, Rouge and Vanessa are struggling to secure a small portion of the base, and Charmy is running out of magic supply food.
Though they are struggling, all of the Black Bull members persevere because they all believe that everything will be OK; they only need to hold out a little longer since Asta is here and ready, as shown in the chapter’s last pages, where Asta is on a double-page spread wielding Yami’s katana, preparing to attack.

Raw Scans

Raw scans of Chapter 315 are not yet accessible as of the time of writing. However, if any new information becomes available, we will make sure to update this page.
Date of Publication
Black Clover chapter 315 will be released in this week’s Weekly Shonen Jump issue on Sunday, November 28th, alongside My Hero Academia and other titles.
There have been no announced delays to the upcoming chapter as of the publication of this article. This means that the official English release of Black Clover will take place on Sunday, as usual. If anything changes, this post will be updated, so keep checking back!
Where Can I Read?
Officially and for free, you can read Black Clover on Viz.com and Manga Plus. Please read the manga in its entirety to support both the author and the series.
Please share your thoughts on this latest chapter in the comments section below.

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