The Night Beyond The Tricornered Window Episode 9: Release Date, Preview & Where To Watch

The Night Beyond the Tricornered-Window-Episode 9 portrays the new period of an evil spirit that continues to control humanity. Mikado and Rihito began to work with Mukae and go through mental teleportation. Erika and the bodyguard are also aiding them. The mind teleportation worked properly, and their consciousness got relocated to another area. Keita decided to protect the natural body on the opposite side. From The Night-Beyond-the Tricornered Window’s latest episode, Erika communicates with the clones of Rihito and Mikado.
She told them about Mukae and the barrier that they are utilizing. Mikado was excited to know that the teleportation had worked, but their natural body is unconscious with Keita, keeping them from getting possessed. Erika recommends everyone to utilize phones to communicate to differentiate between the spirit voice and their normal voices. Mukae is anxious that he is the only one who can’t see or hear anything since other has the power to do that. But his work is to safeguard Erika. Erika reveals about the attentive instructor and worries that he might be hiding anything inside the house.
Rihito and Mikaido’s clones make ready to get inside, and Keita informs them that if anything happens, he will be ready to summon them. Erika helps connect Sakai from the barrier. Rihito feels it is eerie inside, and Mikaido tells him that they need to identify the teacher’s weakness and get over everything. Erika informs the two that the key aspect is to find the teacher’s name. They both begin to investigate the house, and Mikado worries if something is missing. Rihito saw something that shocked everyone, and they questioned what he saw.

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The crew asks Rihito what he saw and explains that it is a pile of money. They discover that Rihito likes money, and they think that he has unearthed something intriguing that will help them solve the crime. He is excited, and Mikado observes that Rihito worships money more than anything in the world. Keita gets anxious that Rihito’s body keeps moving and interacts with the clone while urging him to stop. They can’t believe that he is still thrilled about the money. Erika assures him that it is his remuneration.
Rihito wishes his natural physique was there, and he would have grabbed that money. The crew discovers that Rihito’s body is moving since he wants to collect that money. Mikaido realizes that Rihito has stopped, and he is looking at the bedroom and wonders if Rihito has seen something that drew his attention. Rihito reveals that he is feeling odd. Keita reminds Rihito that the house was erected where he used to dwell, the Palm of the Hand Research Society. Rihito realizes that he knows something about the house.
Erika and the other completed research and realized that a residence is where many individuals had died. They assume that the teacher might be using anything that he discovers there when he visits. Mikado thinks that they should continue the task later since this might impact Rihito. But Rihito thinks they should continue carrying out the task since he has got over that, and he is OK. He leads the way and shows Mikaido how they will continue with their assignment. They also learn that the house is possed and glimpse an evil spirit that died in front of them. The team pulls them back before they go in danger.

The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window Episode 9 Release Date
The Night Beyond the Tricornered-Window-Episode 9 will be released on 28 November 2021. Mikado informs Rihito what he has to do when they visit that place again. Later Mikado learns about Sakaki. That teacher mentioned that they were seeking for travel with his driver and chatted about that girl. Erika returned home and felt angry at her mother, but Mukae consoled her. Let’s look at The Night Beyond the Tricornered-Window-Episode 9 official details.

Watch The Night-Beyond-the-Tricornered Window Episode 9 Online – Streaming Details
You can watch The-Night Beyond-the-Tricornered Window Episode 9 online on Bilibili TV & Crunchyroll on Sunday at 10:00 PM JST. If you are not in Japan, you can also watch The Night-Beyond-the-Tricornered-Window Episode 9 online on VRV via Crunchyroll. Let’s meet when The Night Beyond-the-Tricornered-Window Episode 9 is out.

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