Shikizakura Episode 8: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

Shikizakura Episode 8 sees Oka and her crew having a vacation and arriving at the spot where they learn more about history. Ryo shared everything that he knows and Oka was anxious to see the famed monuments. The team is now one unit after Kakaru and Ibara demonstrated they are heroes, not humankind’s enemies, since Benion and Myojin family doubted them. Shikizakura disclosed the fight between Onis and Myojin Shrine Maiden with her troop. From Shikizakura’s episode, Oka talks about golden treasure, and Ryo wonders what that is, but Oka reveals that she was referring to fried chicken.
Oka realizes she used to like eating golden jewels with her mother when she was small, and she missed them. But in the region, where they are selling golden gems, people wonder how they would taste like when they try them. She experienced flashbacks when her mother bought it for her, and she was warned not to tell her father about it. Oka and Ryo come at the Crazy Chicken store, and Oka feels that she would enjoy them. But Ryo informs that the owner of Crazy Chicken business has retired. Oka felt disappointed since she couldn’t leave without tasting them.
Later they discover about the live hero show that would start soon. Oka joins the girls, and Kakeru asks them whether they are ready to be heroes. They both agreed and decided to join the show. The announcer explains that everyone interested in viewing the live hero show can make their way to the stage. The group heads to the training room, where Kaeda reveals that they will become heroes. Oka reminds Kakeru that he told them that they are undertaking hero training. Kippei joins the crew and outlines what they have to do.

Previously on Shikizakura Episode 7

Kaeda asks who the joker is around Kakeru, and Kakeru confesses that Kippei is his mentor in heroism and his greatest buddy. Kippei believes that he understands everything about heroes. Kaeda asks Ryo if they should continue, and Ryo wishes them good luck. She wonders what the obese guy will teach them. The third person arrives and says that he saw that she had passed the test when he looks into Kaeda’s eyes. The person confesses that his name is Ichijoji, and he is their head, the guy responsible for making the show happen.
Ichijoji tells them that the road to becoming a hero is dangerous. But he is impressed that they challenge it without fear. He shows them the youngsters waiting to be entertained by them, and Kaeda knows that there is no way she can walk out from this one since the kids will be disappointed. Ichijoji reveals about the kid suffering from a horrible sickness, and the show will aid the boy undergo surgery. The crew is energized, and Kaeda reveals that they would give them the show they have never seen.
Oka adds that they will bring smiles to the kids. Ryo sat like their father and encouraged them that they could accomplish it. Kakeru remains Ryo that he is not here to play dad since he will be part of the show. They realize that Ryo’s characters can be appropriate to be a villain. The residents and kids flood the Arena, and Kakeru assumes a red outfit and reveals that he is Nago Red. Nago Blue and Nago Yellow join him and disclose that the three of them comprise the 8th Secret Service dubbed the Nagoeight. Haruko and Endo had their duty, and Endo will play Death Koala.

Shikizakura Episode 8 Release Date
Shikizakura Episode 8 will be broadcast on 28 November 2021. Endo and Haruko reveal how they will perform on stage to prevent messing up and bore the kids. Kakeru chose to leave Ibara with Oka as he could interfere. The show begins, and the kids grow excited witnessing humorous stuff. But Kaeda breaks the code and calls Kakeru by his real name. But Kakaru acted like that was the villain’s name. Let’s look at Shikizakura Episode 8 official details.

Watch Shikizakura Episode 8 Online – Streaming Details
You can watch Shikizakura Episode 8 online on ANIPLUS & HIDIVE on Sunday at 1:55 AM. In other countries where ANIPLUS and HIDIVE don’t function, you may watch Shikizakura Episode 8 online on Anime Digital Network & Bilibili TV. Shikizakura will terminate after three episodes. They put on a terrific show that made kids happy, and Oka was relieved since the guys forgot their lines, but it was fun for the kids. Let’s meet when Shikizakura Episode 8 is released.

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