One Piece Episode 1001: Preview, Release Date & Where To Watch

Jack vs. The Minks is revealed in One Piece Episode 1001, which takes place outside Onigashima castle. Perospero and Marco are collaborating on a project when they hear the voice of Big Mom, who was thrown out of the castle earlier. After his soldiers broke the chains that bound him, Sasaki is finally free and ready to battle. He informed his soldiers that he never imagined Kyoshiro would be able to deceive him.

On the other hand, at the top of Onigashima castle, the Number and Kaido are engaged in combat with the adversaries. Jack ordered his troops and Numbers to eliminate the Minks on their own initiative. The Minks demonstrate that they are powerful, and Jack is free to do whatever he wants. After getting pierced, Jack uses his large nose to launch them into the air in the most recent episode of One Piece.

Kinemon believed that the Minks had done enough, and he informed them that the Akzaya Nine were in the process of taking over. Dogstorm and Cat Viper, on the other hand, assured him that they were up to the task. In response to the moon’s light, the two morph into their Sulong forms. Jack exhales heavily and recognises that he is in for a long fight. Jack gets punished by Dogstorm and Cat Viper, who run at maximum speed. In the meantime, Luffy has arrived in Kaido, and the Numbers are wreaking havoc inside the Onigashima fortress.
Although Kaido’s subordinates attempt to obstruct him, he continues to hurl them into the air. After arriving on the floor where Queen is smoking, Luffy is told not to move by the man who works for Queen. The guy cautions Queen about Luffy, but Queen responds by telling the guy that he is taking a vacation from the game. Despite the fact that Queen didn’t notice that it was Luffy, she turned around fast and chose to put her cigarette down when the man identified himself as Straw Hat. After cutting through the wall, Zoro appears, and Luffy greets him. Luffy informs Zoro that he is heading up to where Kaido is located.
One Piece Episode 1000 Recap
One Piece Episode 1000 had previously shown the King’s man swinging his blade and missing his target, Luffy. Zoro informed Luffy that he would be accompanying him, but Queen objected and stated that they would not be going anywhere. He grabs Luffy’s leg, which he uses to launch himself towards Kaido’s location with the Gum-Gum Rocket. As he travels, Luffy discovers that Kinemon and the others are engaged in combat with Kaido and his soldiers. Queen, on the other hand, turns into his hybrid form and grabs Luffy and Zoro by the throat with his jaws. Zoro wonders if they would be able to reach Kaido if the King emerges to assist the Queen. The two are thrown to the ground by the Queen, and one of the Numbers opens its mouth to consume Luffy and Zoro.
Luffy and Zoro were able to defeat the Number and fall to the ground. Franky has instructed Luffy to leave the Number in his care; Chopper and Usopp are preparing to join forces with Franky. Chopper and Usopp, on the other hand, were thrown outside, and Franky informed them that the Black Rhino is a one-seater. Iron Pirate: General Franky appears once you have completed the combo. Battle with the Number ensues, during which Iron Pirate fires his Franky Cannon, which pins the Number to the ground. Usopp and Chopper are well aware that it would be them who would carry out Franky’s orders.
Sanji would emerge from beneath the mountain of boulders and worry if Momonosuke had managed to flee the scene of the crime. He comes to the realisation that King came close to punching a hole in his stomach. Sanji pulled the Raid Suit away from the Germa and cursed him. Hyogoro’s team is up against yet another gang of adversaries. Luffy leaps to the top of the screen and unleashes Geer Two: Gum-Gum Jit Gataling, which kills hundreds of foes. During the fight, he was shown flashbacks of all the other bouts he had participated in, and he was even shown how Ace died in front of him. A new report has surfaced stating that Luffy’s bounty has been increased to 1.5 billion berries. When Zoro attacks with his One-Sword Style: 360-Pound Phoenix, he can chop hundreds of foes in half.
Date of the premiere of One Piece Episode 1001
The premiere of One Piece Episode 1001 will take place on November 28th, 2021. Throughout his travels, Zoro experienced flashbacks of all of the encounters he had. It is revealed that he has a bounty of 320 million berries. Usopp employs the Special Attack Green Star: Skull Blast Grass, and his reward is 200 million berries, according to the game. Chopper is revealed to have 100 berries in his possession. All of the Straw Hats’ bounties were disclosed, including Sanji’s, who was responsible for punishing the men who attacked Nami. Let’s take a look at the official One Piece Episode 1001 facts.
Details on how to watch One Piece Episode 1001 online are provided below.
On Sunday, at 9:30 a.m. JST, you may watch One Piece Episode 1001 online on Netflix and Crunchyroll, as well as in theatres. Another option for those living in countries where Netflix and Crunchyroll are unavailable is to watch One Piece Episode 1001 on Funimation and Animelab. Following their victory against the adversaries on the ground, the Straw Hats assemble, with Luffy proclaiming that he will take down Kaido. Let’s get together once One Piece Episode 1001 is out.

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