Black Clover Chapter 315: Release Date, Spoilers, Leaks, Raw Scans & Where To Read?

The events of Black Clover Chapter 315 reveal the demise of the Supreme Devils and the rising of other, more powerful Devils outside the Spade Kingdom’s fortress walls. The warriors on the outskirts of the castle were taken aback by the sight of stronger Devils, but they were impressed by the sight of a Mage punishing those Devils. Eventually, Mereoleona Vermillion is identified as the Mage. Black Clover has been disclosing the nature of the conflict between the Devils and the Magic Knights, as well as the alliances between them. Beginning with the most current chapter of Black Clover, Mereoleona Vermillion begins to gain control over the Ancien Demon that has recently manifested itself.

Mereoleona recognises that she has an advantage because she is utilising Hellfire Incarnate, and she takes use of it. Nozel believes that there is a great deal of work to be done, and Langris is thinking about Captain William as well. The Black Bulls have finished punishing Morris and reconnecting with Captain Yami, and they are ready to move forward. Before they can remove Yami from his position, a mysterious force manifests itself, prompting Morris to express gratitude to the humans who have assisted him.

As the spell between Yami and William begins to take effect, Morris’s expression begins to shift. Mereoleon stomped on the Ancient Demon, pinning it to the ground with his feet. The men who are witnessing the combat are impressed that Mereoleona was able to defeat the Demon and win.

However, more Devils and Demons continue to appear, and Mereleona is not concerned because the Hellfire Incarnate becomes hotter as the number of foes increases. When they were finished, she told them that she would clear away the leftover rubbish in front of them. The gates of the Underworld’s second level begin to open, and Morris tells the Black Bulls that the gates will open in a short period of time.

The fact that he can interfere with low-development from the Underworld while also buying time for Qliphoth to emerge makes him happy. Asta and the other person become aware that they are in danger and prepare to engage in combat. It is revealed by a voice that it has drawn out the last drop of Morris’s life force, and the Underworld is opened up to its second level.

Black Clover Chapter 314 Recap

The Devils show up in force, and Captain Yami witnessed the Black Bulls sacrifice their lives to save him earlier in the chapter. The warriors on the outside are witnessing unusual forces that are turning the Devils into solids and are perplexed as to what is going on. The castle is also solidified, and the other Devils are merged into a single entity, producing a vessel through which “he” can manifest. Everyone is pinned to the ground by the gravity magic, and it is discovered that the Devil has taken possession of Dante, the Ultimate Devil.

The warriors are concerned about what will happen to the world because it is trembling as a result of gravity magic, and they are being dragged down by the enormous force of gravity. Charmy, on the other hand, assists everyone in regaining their Mana and provides them with nutritious meals. Charmy took care of her sheep as well, and everyone’s power was restored to 100 percent. It is Vanessa who employs Fate Manipulation: Absolute Evasion, and it is also they who employ Matter Conversion: Castle Black Bulls Hideout to their advantage.

The Black Bulls begin to unleash a variety of spells in order to counteract the gravity spells. Gauche employs Grey Multiplication Recombination, while Gordon employs Curse Diversion: Magic Absorption, and both have stated that they do not care whether or not it is the Ultimate Devil that they are dealing with. Those magic spells come together to form the Ultra Giant Black Bull, which appears after they are combined.

Yami and Willaim are still stuck in the centre of a magic circle, and it is not clear how they will escape. The Black Bulls prepare for the true battle and to save Captain Yami from the sands of time. Towards the end of the chapter, there’s a voice that says, “Get lost already.” After the Black Bull unleashes Ultra Black Bull, the second phase of the conflict is about to commence, and it is possible that this may be the ultimate battle. The portal to the Underworld continues to open, but there is still a mystery around it as to why. Let’s take a look at the latest Black Clover update down below.

Release Date for Chapter 315 of Black Clover
The release date for Black Clover Chapter 315 is set for November 28, 2021. The mystery of Dante’s Devil will be disclosed in the forthcoming chapter, following Dante’s death at the hands of Asta and the others. In the forthcoming chapter, the Black Bulls will be tasked with taking care of the mysterious adversary. Henry played a critical role in the Ultra Bull Bul storyline by appearing in all of the roles. Let us have a look at the official Black Clover Chapter 315 details.

Chapter 315 – Raw Details (Black Clover) is available online.
On the official website of Shonen Jump, you will be able to read Black Clover Chapter 315 in its entirety. Every Sunday, the latest developments and chapters of the Black Clover Manga are released on Shueisha’s online magazine as well as on VIZ Media’s website. Every weekend, the manga releases a new chapter, and Black-Clover Chapter 315 spoilers are expected to be released this week. Let’s get together as soon as Black Clover-Chapter 315 is published.

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