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What do you mean by games? Games are nothing more than interactive storytelling in which you take part, decide the outcome, and live through the characters’ emotions.

Role-playing games, on the other hand, excel at telling stories. An RPG game is all you need to play something with an excellent plot and interesting characters.

Deltarune is one such game. Toby Fox, an independent game developer, created it. It was initially made available to the public in December of that year.

There’s also an ‘Undertale’ prequel to the main game. The topic of the Deltarune Chapter 3 release date will be discussed in this post. Also, we’ll discuss what to expect in the next chapter.

Independent game developer Toby Fox has created a free-to-play role-playing game titled Deltarune. In it, Kris, Susie, and Ralsei’s narratives are explored in depth.

They’re on a mission to stop the Dark Fountain from replenishing the dark world’s supply of energy. In the game, you take control of Kris and the other two supporting characters, making decisions about the game’s plot.

There are presently only two chapters in the game, but the makers have promised that there will be many more. So, here is the Deltarune Chapter 3 release date information you have been waiting for without further ado.

Up to This Point in the Deltarune Chronicles

On the 31st of October of last year, the first chapter of Deltarune was released for free. Players encounter Kris, the game’s first playable character, right away in the game’s opening sequence.

Kris works with Susie on a school project during the day. On the other hand, both of them get drawn into Dark World while in the supply closet. Prince Ralsei is waiting for them when they arrive. He says they are the chosen ones, and they will be responsible for shutting down the Dark Fountain.

Susie was first uninterested and joined King’s young son Lancer. The team to topple the tyrannical monarch eventually includes Susie and Lancer.

They defeat the King by banding together and fighting as one. They go back to their house after closing the fountain. The first chapter concludes with Kris rising from the bed and ripping out their soul before locking it away in a cage.

In the game’s second chapter, Kris and Susie find out that their experiences weren’t just a figment of their imaginations. To finish a project with Noelle and Bradley, they go back to their high school. And once more, they find themselves in a Dark World, although far more futuristic and highly advanced.

The Robot Queen has taken Noelle hostage to transform her into a Knight. Bradley initially lends a hand to her scheme, but he soon changes his mind.

In the end, everyone is wiped off in the battle, but Noelle can persuade the Queen to surrender just in time. As soon as the new fountain is shut down, Kris and Susie head back to their house while the Queen and the rest of her people follow Relsei into the Dark World.

Date & Ending of Deltarune Chapter 3

The release date for Deltarune Chapter 3 is still pending. Toby Fox has not given a specific date for the publication of Deltarune Chapter 3.

However, we know that Deltarune Chapters 3, 4, and 5 will be released all at once. As a result, there’s something to look forward to. Fox may release it sooner rather than later, given the rapid production of the first three chapters.

One of the scariest endings we’ve ever seen came in Deltarune Chapter 2. When Kris and Susie return home, Kris’ mother, Toriel, invites Susie to a pie party.

She doesn’t even consider saying no to the offer; instead, she accepts and enters. Once Kris has finished washing his hands, he heads to the bathroom to do soul-searching before jumping out the window.

Soon after, he returns and re-inserts his soul. Later, Toriel insists on Susie remaining home because it’s too late for her to go out. When someone slashes their tires, she and Kris fall asleep on the sofa.

As a result of his fear, Toriel calls the police to have them take a look. The kids are fast asleep in the living room, so she settles into an armchair and starts reading a book.

Just as she is about to fall asleep, Kris awakens and takes away his soul from his body. A knife emerges from his coat pocket, and he then turns the TV static.

Then he plunges it into the ground, revealing a Fountain of Darkness in the process. We can see Kris sitting on the sofa with the soul once more as the room fills with black smoke.

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