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Episode 8 of Duskwood has certainly set the standard for interactive storytelling in video games. The riddle behind Hannah’s disappearance seemed to have been solved, too.

However, nothing in life is simple. From now on, the answer may only be found in Duskwood Episode 9. And that, my friends, is what transpired.

When we last played the game, the group had decided to stick together. To help them uncover the mystery, they even enlisted Jake’s assistance. Along with Hannah, Richy had gone missing, and the police had just lately recovered the death of Amy, a Duskwood resident.

Because of all of this intrigue, Michael Hanson had become a target for the authorities, who had listed him as a possible suspect. As a result, the gang decided to use an old-fashioned method of communication to reach them.

Two team members decided to visit him after finding Hanson’s address in one of Richy’s files. It’s safe to say they didn’t run into someone named Michael Hanson.

However, the atmosphere was ominous, with a sense of foreboding hanging over the location. When they finally found something significant and someone else’s presence in the area, it was just a matter of time. What had he done? Let’s take a look and find out.

What Happened at the End of Duskwood Episode 8?

There was more to the tale of the tranquil town hidden away in the woods. The disappearance of a teenage girl named Hannah sent shockwaves through the sleepy village.

The mystery had been revealing secrets for the previous seven episodes when, in Episode 8, the first piece of the puzzle was put together.

The team made numerous attempts to contact Michael Hanson. One of Richy’s files contained the address for Michael Hanson, so they tracked him down. Even if they don’t find him, there must be nearby residents or someone who can help.

Perhaps they’ve heard of Hanson or know something about his background. While the rest of the group watches, only Thomas and Jessica venture to one side of town. On a woodland road leading directly to Michael Hanson’s home, they set out.

When they arrive, they are greeted by a massive house. However, it’s a frightening sight to behold because it’s so enormous. Because knocking on the door didn’t get anyone’s attention, there’s a possibility that no one lives here anymore.

What was noteworthy about this location was the lack of nearby neighbors. After that, a massive barn was nearby, and Jessy had a distinct impression that someone was watching her. At first, rats are blamed for the problem. Lily, on the other hand, has a bad memory of this site.

While exploring the barn, Jessy notices something strange: there appears to be a bunker nearby. The doors are wide open, but there isn’t much to see within.

Thomas broke inside the house while Jessy was exploring the outside. Watching what’s going on inside illustrates how meticulous the planning was. As a result, there was a greater likelihood that Richy and Hannah would end up living together.

The gang debates whether or not to call the police at this point. It’s unlikely that Richy and Hannah will be here, and if they are, the police will confiscate anything they find.

This will put an end to their investigation. The two of them decide to investigate the house separately after they’ve held on for a while. Lily brings up the story of the Man Without a Face, which everyone knows about. Jessy stopped responding to them as they talked about it.

When will Duskwood Season 9 be released?

Episode 9 of Duskwood is still being worked on, according to official sources. The exact release date for the new episode has yet to be announced by EverByte gaming.

On the other hand, we are anticipating the release of Duskwood Episode 9 at the end of 2021. Let’s hold on to it for the time being. We have no idea where the tale will go at this stage.

By now, it’s clear that the man who lives in Michael Hanson’s house is essential to all of this. Perhaps he’ll be able to help us find Richy and Hannah.

In the end, Lily contacted the police, as we saw in Episode 8. Will the police arrive in time to seize these enigmatic plans? Is it likely that the evidence will be seized?

A further source of concern for the survivors is that the assassin has contacted each of them, telling them they are the targets of his vengeance. Will keeping their homework locked away help? We’ll find out in Duskwood Episode 9 if that’s the case.

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