Read Black Ops Cold War Season 6 Battle Pass Spoilers, Release Date, Storyline, Summaries, Preview Cast & Much More Update

Call of Duty is a hugely popular series of first-person shooter video games. Call of Duty: Cold War has a large player base and is currently soaring high.

More of the lore and interesting new characters made the campaign a success. After the campaign was over, we got Warzone, a multiplayer mode.

The battle pass has provided us with six seasons of the game, each with a slew of new operators and weaponry. Battle Pass for Black Ops: Cold War will be discussed in this post. We’ll also speak about the goodies at each tier and what’s coming next.

Season 6 of Call of Duty: Black Ops was published on October 6. Before the game’s release, there were rumours that Mason would be an operator, and those rumours proved to be accurate.

However, we’ll talk about that in greater detail later. The combat pass is a levelling system with rewards attached to it. Even if the game isn’t an action-shooter, it still uses this system.

Although the battle pass offers some free benefits, the best and most valuable rewards are only available if you purchase the full edition.

The battle pass for Black Ops Cold War must be purchased using COD Points to play. The CP, on the other hand, must be purchased with real money. As soon as it is done, let us look at Black Ops Cold War Battle Pass for Season 6.

Playing the video game Call of Duty Cold War Black Ops Previously, on August 13, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Season 5 was made available for download.

On December 11, it was supposed to be released a day earlier, but testing caused it to be postponed. See our complete article on the subject if you’re interested in learning more.

Now that we’re in a new season, we’ve also received a new battle pass. Those who bought the battle pass have access to Kitsune’s new skin, Kyubi, and her new operator Kitsune.

You got the Crimson Oni item as well as a skin for Garcia. All operators, weapons, and Double EXP cards could be obtained by unlocking the Battle Pass.

Players that bought the battle pass at the highest level earned an Ultra Weapon Skin as a reward. We got our first look at EM2’s reactive Geomatik skin at battle pass tier 95.

As a result of the skin’s incredible aesthetics, the battle pass became quite popular among gamers. Kitsune, the operator, gained a Samurai skin when a player reached the ultimate tier 100.

They also received a TEC-9 skin with the renowned Microchip logo on it. New vehicles for Cold War and Warzone were also shown off. Last but not least, the fabled season 5 Emblem!

Season 6 Battle Pass for Call of Duty: Cold War

We have a lot to cover in the Black Ops Cold War season 6 battle pass now that the new and final seasons are fresh out of the box. By the way, it will cost 1000 CP, or about ten bucks, to purchase. However, if you want to bypass all 25 ranks, it would cost you 2400 CP, or around $20.

Purchase the battle pass, and you’ll get access to four new skins, an operator, and EXP Boost card, and an item. There are three skins available for Bulldozers: Panda Bear, Red Panda, and Pain Panda.

These are all based on the three pandas. Agent Zero skin is on another one for Adler. We have Alex Mason with the Alaska skin unlocked for the operator.

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