Read One Piece Chapter 1029 spoilers, Release Date, Storyline, Summaries, Preview Cast & Much More Update

If Luffy defeats Kaido in One Piece Chapter 1029, the Onigashima conflict will continue. The World Government now appears to have a plan.
This is still a pirate-on-pirate showdown. The military has yet to get involved. In One Piece Chapter 1029, it will appear that the World Government is keeping a close eye on events and will continue to do so.

Intentions of the United Nations
There are suspicions that the government agents are keeping an eye on Luffy and Kaido’s rematch now that they’ve met again.

Taking control of the country is part of their strategy, according to Comicbook.

The Cipher Pol Aigis Zero, also known as CPO, has been keeping tabs on the conflict and gathering intelligence for the World Government behind the scenes.

When it comes to keeping track of warriors, the most potent organization even utilizes a Go board. Was there a strategy for all of this in place by the military?

They’re all watching to see who comes out on top. If Luffy is victorious, they will seize control of Wano and use it for their ends.

However, it appears that the island will be in jeopardy while in its possession. They’re also trying to get their hands on Nico Robin somewhere else.

Regardless of the outcome, the pirates claim that the existence of that woman is critical. After her “insane demonic transformation” against Black Maria, it appears that the administration wants her off the ship.

In the Next Chapter, What Can We Expect to Happen?

One Piece Chapter 1029 may see the conflict between Zoro and King continue. The Beast Pirates’ All-Stars member is profiled here for the benefit of the team’s fans.

According to IBTimes, they may get a better look at his face without the mask as the struggle goes on.

A possible spoiler in the next chapter is that Kid and Law are still fighting against Big Mom. In addition, there may be information for readers regarding Nami, Usopp, Tama, Jinbei, and Brook. Franky and Robin may also receive an update.

What happened to Orochi could be revealed in a future part, perhaps. Despite what transpired, he is still alive.

He’s merely skulking around Onigashima for the time being, but he’ll make an appearance soon.

When Kinemon attacks him, he is cut down by his fellow scabbards, and fans may watch how he manages to get away with it. Maybe there’ll be some flashbacks to show how he made it out alive.

Whatever the case may be, the manga will take a one-week vacation before releasing One Piece Chapter 1029 on Sunday, October 24.

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