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As Final, Langris, and Yuno are surrounded by the enemy, the threat posed by Zenon Zogratis continues. Latest “Black Clover” Chapter 308 spoilers reveal that the chapter will begin with these three characters going up against Zenon in battle.

‘Black Clover’ Chapter 308 has been summarized by Twitter user Nitebaron. First, Yuno declares that he will save Captain Sukehiro and all of his crew members. As the Wizard King, he intends to make good on his promise to become.

After that, Yuno proclaims that he will defeat Zenon with his own two hands. While Final and Langris join forces to take on Zenon, Final, and Langris unite to fight back. However, Zenon’s new evil form has transformed him into a formidable foe who is likely to be defeated.

Chapter 308 of “Black Clover” finds Yuno suddenly recalling events from the past. He recalls how he was forced to leave with only half of his team. He’s furious, but he keeps in mind his allies and Asta to save his sanity.

Recalling Asta’s bright and cheery smile gives him the boost he needs to get up and take on the threat once more.

Getting the Spade grimoire allows Yuno to remind himself that he can safeguard everyone at the party.

Towards the end of “Black Clover,” Zenon faced Beelzebub. Beelzebub smiled and asked Zenon what he would get in return for his question about the devil’s heart.

Zenon was willing to make a complete sacrifice to the devil, both his body and his soul. As a result of Beelzebub’s agreement, his heart was given to Zenon, and the latter’s body was altered.

His chest wound had also been healed as a result of his change. When Yuno and Langris saw Zenon in his new form, they were taken aback.

They observed that Zenon’s look was like that of the devil more and more. Zenon was ecstatic, and he immediately demonstrated it by encasing Yuno in a cube.

Yuno tried to use his Spirit of Boreas, but it was ineffective. Yuno was knocked down cold by Zenon’s bone magic.

Langrish, meanwhile, rose to his feet and flung open the gates of his Mana Zone. Zenon used whips to deal with it. Final appeared and saved Langris from the lashes.

Chapter 308 of “Black Clover” will be released on Sunday. Manga Plus and Viz have the latest chapter available for readers to read digitally. The printed edition will be available for purchase on Monday.

In Black Clover Chapter 307, Zenon stated that if his deal with Devil Beelzebub works, he will likewise share his soul, ensuring the survival of the Spade Kingdom. Beelzebub consented to the request and returned his own heart.

Within seconds of capturing Zenon’s heart, his body begins to repair, and his damaged chest begins to heal. Langrish and Yuno are stunned as they see the metamorphosis take place.

After obtaining the devil’s heart, Zenon’s power has more than doubled. He immediately traps Yono in a cube and begins beating him mercilessly with a bag of bones to use his abilities. Chapter 307 of Black Clover concludes with Langris and Final holding hands to exact revenge on Zenon.

Black Clover fans may read all the chapters for free on the Viz, Manga Plus, and Shonen Jump Apps, all accessible for Android and IOS. The chapter will be released on October 10th, 2021, from these reputable, cost-free sources.

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