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Titled “united states and downs of his fate,” the activities of chapter 221 indeed stayed genuine to that. The aftermath of the attempted attack from a small group of delinquents from Pokhara Bandai will honestly endure many outcomes in the approaching bankruptcy of Tokyo revengers.

Recap and Summary For Tokyo Revengers Chapter 221

The chapter starts with a panel of Mikey, announcing that he has a bad feeling about this night for a few purposes. Again at the amusement park, a number of the opposite humans inside the location of the place heard the gunshots.

Draken is status in front of the small fry members of Pokhara India, with Nakamichi and Senju at the ground in the back of him. The Pokhara Bandai members determine to make a run for it.

Draken kicks away the weapon, baffled that they might definitely assault with something as dangerous as a gun. Nakamichi checks on Senju and asks if she’s hurt anywhere; she says she’s okay.

Nakamichi asks Draken how he ended up wherein they are. In line with entering, he heard about what come to be imagined to pass down tonight.

Nakamichi is stunned that they’re from Pokhara Bandai. Draken smiles and reminds him that Nakamichi is pretty a lot a huge shot and that his decision to sign up for brahman simply won’t settle nicely with the other gangs.

Draken mentions that the war of the 3 deities looks as if it received’t be one of these simple fights among delinquents anymore, considering that a few are worried about suspicious organizations and activities. As Nakamichi wonders what ought to occur subsequently, Draken thinks that Mikey knew that this would appear.

Nakamichi confesses to Draken that he has become capable of seeing the destiny, wherein Senju died protective him. He thanks Draken for converting the future with him and Draken smiles in reaction. Senju tells them that they have to go because it’ll be tough if someone else arrives.

Nakamichi and Senju start to run, but Nakamichi seems in the back of Draken, who stays status nonetheless. Draken suddenly tells him to tell Mikey that he shouldn’t reason quite a few hassles. Nakamichi changed into harassed why Draken have become announcing that however he suddenly fell to the ground, covered in a couple of gunshots.

Release Date For Tokyo Revengers Chapter 222 

So long as the ordinary schedule follows, Tokyo revengers bankruptcy 222 must be out on Wednesday, September 15, 2021. Presently, there aren’t any updates regarding a delay inside the timetable.

SpoilersFor Tokyo Revengers Chapter 222

For now, there are not any spoilers yet, considering the modern-day bankruptcy changed into launched currently. Stay tuned for updates. The remaining panel of chapter 221 is paying homage to the events of 8/three, wherein Draken was stabbed or even died in an extraordinary timeline.

Even as it is unconfirmed whether he has died or now not, the consequences of this event moving ahead will simply be massive. Not the handiest became Draken shot, but there has been a tried assault on Nakamichi.

The English internet site of Kodansha has a listing of structures to be had where you may examine and purchase volumes of the series. Tokyo revengers are to be had on manga. For volume releases, the series is to be had on Comixology and Kindle.

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