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Ousama rating is the upcoming comedy delusion anime from wit studio. The studio popularly known for producing the first 3 seasons of attack on titan is back with a heart-wrenching, but heartwarming anime q4.

The series is based on tōka sōsuke’s liked manga collection, which debuted in 2017 and speedy have become fan-favored with thousands and thousands of copies sold.

Studio wit’s upcoming anime will allure you with its groundbreaking tale of the deaf yet courageous prince goji and his aim to be the arena’s greatest king.

The difficulty remember makes a forte of overcoming prejudice and the demanding situations that anyone faces as humans. It’s far a story that ensures humor, interesting fable motion, friendship, and heroic quests.

Release Date

Ousama ranking anime is scheduled to launch on October 14, 2021, for fuji tv. it will be streamed completely on Funimation from October 15, 2021. Funimation will also move the English dubs.

The important thing visible shows goji sitting on the throne in his underwear carrying a cape at the same time as Kage droops down the stairs.

The key visible underneath gives off a studio ghibli vibe with the lovely, heat, and alluring picture cover. We see goji and kage in the middle.

The corners are adorned, making it appear to be a cowl web page for an e-book. You will see the magic mirror at the pinnacle proper and random placement of weapons, animals, and home decor applied because of the border.

These types of factors stand as recommendations to the plotline. The above instance gives us a glimpse of the dominion. At the pinnacle of the wall, we see goji and Kage standing with their bodies facing closer to the palace.

We additionally see weapons on the floor, indicating that a war has been fought. This instance is in all likelihood to portray the fight that goji won to end up the best king in the international.


Rating of kings revolves around the lifestyles of goji, the first prince of the dominion dominated through king boss, who is ranked wide variety seven within the rating of kings.

Goji became born deaf and changed into so powerless that he couldn’t even swing a sword. As an outcome, his retainers, and the general public look down upon him as absolutely undeserving to be the king.

It is then that goji reveals his first pal, Kage. His fateful come upon with Kage ignites a tiny spark of courage, and goji makes a decision to fulfill his dream of becoming the arena’s finest king. With this, their lives each take a dramatic turn as they face barriers collectively.


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