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One-piece chapter 1025 is slated to launch soon and could be a part of the wano arc. the only piece of manga became created utilizing Eiichiro oda and has been serialized in Shueisha’s weekly shonen soar since July 1997, along with one hundred volumes.

The plot revolves across the exploits of monkey d. Luffy, whose body changed into rubber after he by accident ate the devil fruit, gomu game no mi.

When you consider that one piece bankruptcy 1024 releases on 5th September, that is the following day, enthusiasts had been thinking if there will be damage between chapters 1024 and 1025.

One Piece 1025 release date

The only piece bankruptcy 1025 release date has been set for 12th September 2021. this will be the second chapter of the month and might be the closing one before we head into a one-week spoil. the only piece manga will then preserve from 24th September, that allows you to be the closing chapter of the month.

One Piece Chapter 1025 Release Timing

Here is one piece bankruptcy 1025 launch timing for lovers internationally –

Japan – 01:00 am, 13th September

India – 9:30 pm, 12th September

America/Canada – 10:00 am, 12th September

UK – 4:00 pm, 12th September

Ces (Europe) – 5:00 pm, 12th September

Preview Cast One Piece Chapter 1024

One-piece chapter 1024 will officially release this weekend. But, the spoilers for today’s chapter had been absolutely launched, inclusive of the uncooked scans. Within the last bankruptcy, enthusiasts saw Mononoke eventually reworking right into a dragon and taking Luffy back to onigashima.

As part of the new onigashima project, the island changed into displaced from its spot at sea via kaidou using his dragon powers, who plans to move it to the flower capital.

We additionally know that the simplest 15 minutes were left for the island of onigashima to attain the flower capital. It looks as if kaidou plans to break the flower capital, and if Luffy plans to shop all of us there, he handiest has 15 minutes.

What stays unclear is what kaidou’s plan is after he destroys the flower capital, however, it’s in all likelihood just the start.

we additionally noticed the combat on the top, where fans realized that Yamato is calmly matched against kaidou. However, we also recognize that Luffy is on his way to join the conflict and that he has to be there quickly sufficient.

It remains to be visible what is going to take place at the rooftop, optimistically, one piece chapter 1025 will provide enthusiasts greater insight into the massive combat.



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