Read One Piece Chapter 1023 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date, Storyline, Preview cast, Leaks & What To Expect In This Chapter

Need a breakdown for the upcoming one-piece bankruptcy? We monitor the discharge date and time for bankruptcy 1023, in addition to the spoilers that have leaked online! One-piece has been a landmark collection for over many years, selling more than 490 million copies and becoming no longer simplest the first-rate-promoting manga in records, but one of the maximum-grossing media franchises in history.

But, the only piece manga series is ready to reach a landmark, the discharge of its a centesimal editorial quantity next week in Japan. But, extent 100 remains best on the horizon, launching on September 3rd, which means that each one of our attention could be lower back on the weekly chapter launch. In this text, we break down everything you want to realize approximately one piece chapter 1023.


One-piece chapter 1023 is presently scheduled to release worldwide on Sunday, august twenty-ninth at 9 am PDT.

The release date has been showing by means of viz media, with the new chapter predicted to release online at the subsequent times around the sector:

Pacific time: nine am PDT

Japan time: 12 pm EDT

British time: five pm BST

EU time: 6 pm CEST

India time: 9. 30 pm IST

Philippine time: 12 am PHT

Australia time: 1. 30 am ACST

Viz gives both the first three and today’s 3 chapters without cost; if you want to seize upon any of the alternative instalments then you’ll need to emerge as a viz member, which expenses simplest $1. 99 a month.


Spoiler warning: this section will speak the spoilers for op 1023 that have leaked online. Bankruptcy 1023 might be titled ‘as alike as two peas in a pod’ and opens with queen and king improving from the attack from Zoro and Sanji.

Marco recollects shirohige informed him about a ‘land of the gods on the purple line’ as we see the fight retain with king and queen vs Sanji and Zoro.

Sanji says that his body feels bizarre after using the raid suit for the second time, as the queen berates him for being a germa cyborg – Sanji snaps back that he is 100% human.

Queen is curious whether or not an ordinary human ought to create a hearth, with a few indications that that is related to the king’s race.

Hyogoro and kawamatsu also are discussing Zoro, saying that his preventing reminds them of Ringo’s lord shimotsuki Ishimaru, as well as the legendary samurai shimotsuki ryuma.

We then see 3 epic fights; jack vs Higurashi, Prospero vs nakomamushi, and raizou vs Fukurokuju. It’s far then discovered that Mononoke is now an adult at 28 years antique.

He transforms right into a massive dragon in front of Luffy, who says “come on momo!! Let’s go back to wanokumi.

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