[Final] Spoiler for Black Clover Chapter 300 Raw Scans Leaked Online

Black Clover Chapter 300 will be released next week, without any breaks. Fans eagerly await the next chapter.

The manga chapter’s raw scan and leaks are now available. It will soon be translated into English. Black Clover Chapter 300 entitled “Beyond giving up”

Noelle attempted to resist Megicula.

Noelle defeats Vanica who unleashed Megicula’s true powers. Megicula reminds Noelle her Saint Stage isn’t complete and that she has to choose between defeat or death.

She reminds Noelle her Saint Magic attacks will not touch her. Magicula has placed the Decaying World spell in the Spade Kingdom castle. No magic can work against her. Black Clover Manga Chapter 299 is called “The Sound of the End”. Megicula believes Noelle is helpless, no matter how many rescue attempts she makes.

We saw in the last Chapter that Magicula does not consider Noelle powerful, but views her as a weak character. Gaja attacked Lolopechka one more time. He then spoke about his past and how he regrets having failed to save people sometimes.

He claimed he wanted the Kingdom to be saved for the Queen’s sake, but Vanica and Magicula attacked it. Back to the present, Gaja rushed towards Magicula using all his power and attacked her. Magicula and Vanica are both blown away by this attack.

Vanica is likely dead, while Magicula can be seen in the darkness.

Gaja realizes that he did his best to protect the country, the people, and Lolopechika. Gaja questions his worthiness to be called a Spirit Guardian, and realizes that he loves Queen Lolopechika. Gaja continues the battle towards Megicula. He realizes that Lolopechika must be stopped. Gaja said he would not let Lolopechik hurt or kill her.

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