One Piece Chapter 1,014 Release Date and Time, Spoilers Raw Scan

One Piece Chapter 1,014 Release Date and Time, Spoilers Raw Scan

But the actual Zoro is napping around the couch, and Shark remains in the Thousand Sunny’s tank. Meanwhile, the Ussop realizes that they can’t beat Ulti and also Big Mom. He instructed Nami, who refuses to flee since she would like Ulti to pay and can’t forgive Ulti.

Italy was able to recuperate in the earlier Thunderbolt she acquired from Nami. Name unleashes a Tornado Tempo, and Ulti dodged the attack whilst grabbing Nami. Ulti tried to headbutt Nami, who is faking to become scrapped.

Keeping with all the show’ past trend, the English variant can release a few hours later. Consequently, the International fans have to wait for more time to learn Chapter 1014.

But in case you can find no longer delays, you can expect the English translation to emerge at these times: Big Mom summons Hera, Prometheus, along with Napoleon and fires that a Maser Cannon:

Roaring Light Gun. Ulti acquired attacked using a potent ray that awakens through her stomach. Ulti falls to the bottom whilst her eyes change white. Hera is shown to be a thundercloud but different from Zeus. Napoleon and Prometheus have become excited they are separate from Zeus.

It might get started when Yamato faces her father and have him a few questions. From the following, fans will probably learn more details regarding the antagonist, especially the source of his devil fruit.

Back in a single part Chapter 1013, Nami was exceptionally mad at Ulti, therefore she willing to attack. She desired to show her lesson once she strove to hurt a child to flee.

Name attacked Ulti, however, she simply managed to hurt her. To her surprise,” Large Mom also attacked Ulti which brought her passing.


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