Black Clover Chapter 293 Storyline, Preview and Much More

Black Clover Chapter 293 Storyline Preview and Much More

Millions of fans across the world love reading Black Clover due to its intriguing characters and storyline.

Every week, we are blessed with a brand-new manga chapter.

At first, the new manga chapter has been made to emerge on Sunday, May 16th, 2021. However, according to some rumors, Yuki Tabata couldn’t operate on another chapter due to some health complications.

Anyhow, Viz Media supported the above launch date for Chapter 293.

How? Both are currently on a street-level dogfight also it looks like Magna is winning, but Dante’s”gravity magic-powered” punches also have the extraordinary capability.

Therefore, though Magna may beat Dante, knowing that the latter is Lucifero’s host, he may unleash the devil which will place everyone in much risk in Black Clover Chapter 293.

Luckily, Magna and Zora arrived in a region where Jack the Reaper was confronting Dante alone.

From here, Magna pledged to take matters into his hand.

This move produced Jack annoyed, realizing he wanted to slash Dante on his own. However, confident of his abilities and skills, Dante stated the likes of Magna and Zora were of no game for his own strength.Now, Zora could defeat any devils which will come his way.

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