English Raw Scans for One Punch Man Chapter 143 Released Online, Release Date and Time, New Characters, Preview, Ending Explained!

Oden placed one among his Katana on top of the shoulder and told them they’d observe their reunion later. He apologized that they failed to defeat Kaido in the past, plus he has arrived.

He explained that is just another chance to take Kaido down. Nekomamushi continues to lose tears while supporting Oden’s announcement. But they continue on shedding tears, waiting for miracles to take place. Queen is annoyed by their chats and jumps out of the top.

This will probably be the last prank of this kind within this arc since the struggle will only secure intense from here on. The beast pirates strongly underestimated the straw hats along with their own alliance.

That afternoon Dong-Su’s brother warns them concerning his brother. Sung Jinwoo concludes that Dong-Su has uncovered the truth about them. Sung Jinwoo realizes that Chief’s warnings are all coming true.

Sung Jinwoo also recalls when he talked with Chief, that cautions him to be more careful or lose his own entire life. When battles broke out, they only saw this being an annihilation of the resistance instead of the struggle it evolved into.

However, it escaped, and he unleashed his dog that pounce and killed the spirit with one blow. However, Finger Bearer looks in front of Megumi. The other guy told Nabara they have been awaiting Sakuna’s hands-on. Otherwise, he’s not certain what may have happened.

Most of the Karasuno players ‘ are deeply tired and can not wait to get some sleep, except for Hinata, who proclaims he can play another match. Subsequent to the much-deserved win against this type of great competitor, the players have earned at least some break.

The second team they face is the formidable Nekoma High. Megumi realizes that they have fought Finger Bearer in June, but he has come back further.

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