One Piece Chapter 1009, Raw Scans, Storyline, What to Expect in this Chapter, Trailer, Expected Release Date, Cast, Recap

The name of One Piece Chapter 1009, is yet to be revealed as the name and spoilers require a few days ahead out after the release of the new chapter.

Therefore, the fans have to wait for only a little to understand about doing it. As soon as they become a strong Oni, they’ll be of good use to the Beast Pirates. In addition, he said that soldiers may always be substituted and expendable.

This would probably be the last scam with this kind in this arc since the fight will only find intense from here on. The monster pirates ardently suppressed the straw hats and their alliance.

It may feature the battle that’ll happen at Skull Dome’s roof. Kaido and Big Mom are fighting Supernovas here. However, Luffy is currently out with this scene because he drained his haki.

However, the most intriguing thing about this battle is the fact that the fans will soon visit Kaido in a hybrid style. It likely he will create a lot of trouble due to his or her opponents. When fights broke out, they just watched this being an annihilation of the opposition instead of the fight it developed into.

One Piece Chapter 1009 will finally comprise the battle that the fans are waiting for. The audiences might find the continuation of this rooftop fight of Supernovas Vs. Yonko.

Momonosuke realizes that he will transform into a dragon after he met with the Straw Hat crew and Luffy. He believes that he can help if he turns into a monster such as that. Luffy is now out of the battle as he can’t use his haki anymore. But the buffs will certainly see Kaido and that too in his hybrid.

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