Spoilers for Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Season 2 Episode 12 Release Date, Trailer, Ending Explained, Cast, Storyline, Preview, Raw Scans & Much More to Read

The conflict at Tsukasa Empire has ended with a truce. Senku comments it is a stalemate. Tsukasa accepted Senku’s deal, and so they head to reestablish Tsukasa’s sisters Mirai.

Senku desired to bring back Mirai at the same time. Sometime prior to the petrification, she was declared brain dead after an auto collision. However, as Senku correctly forecasts, the resurrection fluid wakes her up from the coma.

Senku may also not give up that easily. After some of the dynamites proceed lost, Homura leaks her captivity with Yo’s help. When someone detonates dynamites inside the miracle cave, then Senku comprehends who’s responsible and rushes to frighten Tsukasa.

He adopts her sister. Kohaku comments that Tsukasa kept on fighting, knowing that there wasn’t any cure. She said Tsukasa was awaiting this day for many, many years. In the early hours, Kokuyo told everyone else that they are returning.

He is almost too late as Tsukasa gets chased by Hyoga while protecting his sister. however, right after the conflict between them stopped, Hyoga betrayed Tsukasa. Consequently, now in the season finale of this sci-fi anime series, the fans will probably see Senku and Tsukasa engaging in combat against Hyoga.

Huziriha knitted a costume to Mirai, and she’s dressed her. She told Senku they have finished, he will reestablish Mirai.

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