Raw Scans for Naruto Next Generations Episode 191, Leaked Online, Spoilers, Release Date and Time, Everything About The Upcoming Chapter

Konohamaru hands the intel into Shikamaru, who said he’d hand it on to the Cipher Corps for investigation. Konomaru said the intel has data they’ve collected from the container.

The first issue of this manga was published on May 9, 2016. On November 20 20, Kishimoto substituted Kodachi Whilst the writer. Since that time, the manga and anime show have established themselves in the ‘Naruto’ fictional universe.

Here is what you want to know about the up coming’Boruto’ episode. They may find more clues about the Kara. He asks about the boy with exactly the same indicate that Boruto has. Konohamaru reported that the mark is known as Karma, and so they are with the boy analyzed at the laboratory in Ryutan.

Boruto Episode 191 Spoilers

In incident 190, Konohamaru returns to the village to record to Naruto along with other high-profile officials concerning what he has undergone during his latest mission.Both swap powerful blow. Sumire hooks the boy with the ground, however, he uses another Scientific Ninja Tool and bangs Sumire using all the wall.

Nue notices that Sumire was taken down and transform into his monster shape. Team 7 spans his room with Sumire to deliver any food, but Kawaki pushes it away. Throughout the exchange, Sumire inadvertently reveals certain facts about the facility.

He wakes up and finds himself together with the bed. Sumire supplies his food, but he rips off them away. He thinks that the food is poisoned, and Sumire finds the boy is not feeling comfortable since he’s restricted.

Sumire confronts him initially handles to subdue him. Realizing that he has underestimated her, Kawaki hits back with enough power to leave her unconscious. Witnessing that, Nue transforms into its bigger variant and attacks Kawaki, sinking its teeth deep to the former Kara penis’s arms. However, Kawaki’s restraint breaks from the practice, and he flees from the center.

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