Fairy Tail 100 YEARS QUEST Chapter 69 Raw Scans, Summaries, Spoilers, Storyline, Release Date, Preview & Much to Read

Official Release Date for Fairy Tail 100 YEARS QUEST Chapter 69

It was released on 18 November 2020.

Raw Scans & Summaries of Fairy Tail 100 YEARS QUEST Chapter 69

In no way did I believe we had to get a title reminiscent of a surreal me.

Elentir comes with a celestial motif and fitting to get a place that’s apparently magic for its perfection.

I’m thankful the team has not instantly accepted Faris to the excellent guys, also is merely forming an alliance to shoot down an increased wicked.

we will see many more of her comment on this particular arc. Perhaps a convo between mother and daughter together with Wendy for a moderate?

Giant hands.

The mini teams that have formed are really intriguing. We scarcely watch Natsu and grey team up, and investigating Erza and also Wendy’s sisterly bond more is always great.

Lucy will get to glow on her very own. Also, perhaps Aquarius can show up here, as it seems that keys are not mandatory?

Youko’s encounter is catlike, almost similar to Millianna’s. I speculate exactly what forces the gods of moonlit splendor have.

Irene will recover her magic at elentir. And as far as medium, I’m thinking erza could hear up her to a point, see how she had been the just one realizing that there clearly was a someone.

Lucy will definitely have more one-off moments. I am guessing she’ll directly go to Selene and hear her narrative, of class though being captive (that is her MO).

Edit: Why does everyone keep mentioning that Selene has reference to Lucy? Can I miss something?

Fairy Tail, these as its persons who are not mindful that, has been been a magical guild in the territory of Fiore.

Genuinely tho it’d been their Edolas versions,” I can’t stop spat crying cuz they appear to love and I’m a gigantic NaLu shipper. I have been awaiting something like this for an extended long minute.

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