Pure Spoilers For One Piece 993, Release, Leaks, Raw Scan, and more. 

This chapter has been so interesting in the feeling that it had been more Scabbard focussed rather than focussing on Luffy and his own crew. We see that the Scabbard really deal injury to Kaido and hurt him and shcok him. This may possibly have also triggered his PTSD after Oden. It is, in a way sudden that the Scabbards do use advanced Haki which is supposed to be quite rare. Of course, people find them beating down Kaido but it will not really look like their attacks might do plenty of intense harm to Kaido.

This will be considered a little win for the Scabbards until Kaido actually gets serious and starts attacking down them again. Kaido seems to be in shock but it does look like he is going to snap out from it and jumble up the situation. We might likewise receive flashbacks of all Kaido in 1 Bit 993. The fact that the Scabbards are able to land flies on Kaido, who is simply the main protagonist with this arc, is an indication of this simple fact maybe tragedy is looming over the Scabbards, storywise. As said before, this looks like a minor triumph for the Scabbards just ahead of a huge defeat as a result of Kaido.

Perospero talking with Big Mom this chapter signals that Enormous Mother will probably betray Kaido. It is likely to soon be interesting to learn how that comes about. In addition, there are speculations that Kaido might have murdered by Substantial Mom.

Big Mom might wait for Kaido for weakened due to the strikes and after that kill a weakened Kaido which could create Large Mother the Yonko that Luffy might struggle.

Release Date For One Piece chapter 993

One Piece 993 will launch 25th of October! What exactly did you guys feel about this chapter and also exactly what could manifest in 1 Piece 993? Will the Scabbards property additional blows? Will Luffy ensure it is to the dome top? Are your Scabbards planning to deal with a beat? Will Massive Mom Get Rid of Kaido?

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