[LATEST] Raw Scans for Solo Leveling Chapter 123 Spoilers Leaked Online, Storyline, Summary & Much More

The reporters have encompassed them wanting to get additional advice from Jin-Woo. The colleagues inquire Hunter Sung Jin-Woo the way he believes like Ah-Jin Guild confronts his first Raid.

They even ask the reason he selects Ah-Jin as his Guil Title and exactly that which his association with the next founding member of his Guild Yu Soohyun.

Jin-Woo could not answer their issue since Chief Woo Jin-Chul appears looking for him personally and Jin-Woo informed him he thought his own information was shielded.

It starts with the colleagues asking Hunter Sung- Jin Woo to believe Ah Jin Guild to handle the exact first raid. They wanted to ask about why did he even select self-indulgent – Jin because his experience of each founding associates him with Guild Yu Soon Hyun.

Jin Woo left speechless and couldn’t answer the problem. The principal woo was looking for Jin Woo. HE advised me that his advice should be protected.

As soon as sung started his official raid, the shadow has been examined by predators.

Sung Jin-Woo was able to wash everything afterward what happened, which the Dungeon using his summons after he met Gun-Hee.

Gun-Hee gave a bargain to execute because of him Jin-Woo educated him that he is going to focus on an individual state.

Jin-Woo unleashes his lightning sword and began to slit the Boss. After he lands on the ground the chef collapsed without even preventing back. After killing the boss his degree rose from an inch, has now reached degree 101, and his job-specific skills have improved up.

Jin Woo advised Move Gun-Hee to permit him to enter top positions in the future lonely excluding him by the exact minimal head-count rule. Jin-woo has been consented by Gun-Hee but in the future, Jin-woo was spotted employing one other Hunter at the gate.

The protagonist of this story, Sung Jin-Woo, maybe the weakest of this rank E seekers and hardly more powerful than a typical human. He’s nicknamed with his own fellow predators as”the weakest”. One day, other hunters are trapped in an extremely risky dungeon, and only a couple of them survive and can flee.

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