[NEW] Spoiler for One Piece Chapter 991 Leaked Online: X Drake will Unite Luffy’s Crew to Defeat King & Queen, RAW Scans Leaked & Much More

Complete Spoiler for One Piece Chapter 991

Even the Wano warfare is definitely going at full tempo with all of the figures stepping outside to struggle. One Piece 991 will demonstrate that Queen and Who’s that will try to search down X Drake and get rid of him before they could escape.

Contemplating this chapter we all presume that Luffy will accept Drake, he commonly accepts everyone. Thus, one more strong particular person in Luffy’s military and that is a very good thing.

Drake is part of their upper six so it needs to boost the power of Luffy’s military tenfold. We haven’t seen much of Marco but, so he will be emerging so on. Luffy will try to really go for Kaido’s along with Queen and one different big 6 will attempt to avoid him to get sure.

But given the Luffy has come and once he finds the title of Coby, the straw hat captain will really rescue Drake. King and Queen may decide to try to strike Luffy when he combats Who’s Who, however, Zoro and Sanji will step in to save their captain.

One Piece chapter 991 spoilers are forecasting that Zoro and Sanji vs King and Queen struggle is bound to take place as Luffy conserves X Drake from Who is Who’s

Subsequent to the first advice disclosed yesterday that enables us to understand their brand new appearances of Who is Who’s Queen,” X-Drake and Basil Hawkins, we know more concerning the relationship between those and exactly what Luffy is facing.

Starting from Your Tobi Roppo team, Equally Queen Who’s Who Need to kill X-Drake. It seems Who’s Who doesn’t yet know Drake is out of the Navy, but would like to kill him simply because he believes he had been the only person that broke Trafalgar Law out of jail. Basil Hawkins, on the other hand, reports that the man who has 1 % of living the night is X-Drake.

Queen and Who’s Who are making an effort to get rid of X Drake but he hurried out to Luffy because he remembers Coby expressing that there will be expected.

Zoro and Jinbie saved the Samurais from the Numbers as well as the straw hats team are currently competent to shoot them out readily.

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