The release date for Solo Leveling Manhwa Chapter 119, Spoilers and other things needs to know.

Spoilers for Solo Leveling Manhwa Chapter 119 

Recap for Solo Leveling Manhwa Chapter 118 

Jin-Ho along with his team eventually entered the dungeon. In the dungeon, they were greeted with Ogres. Subsequently, thanks to very effective teamwork, the squad can eradicate the Ogres. After the team was re-group, Jin-Ho sensed something. So he needs to move, but he abandoned the ant out of Jeju island to protect the squad. Afterward, he left the dungeon by drifting Kaisel. Proved, he sensed something could happen together with his sister, which he went to rescue.

The storyline for Solo Leveling Manhwa 

Ten years back, later”the Gate” that connected the real world using the creature world started, some of the ordinary, ordinary people received the power to hunt critters over the northeast. They are known as”Hunters”. However, not all Hunters are powerful. The narrative follows Sung Jin-Woo, a helpless hunter who desired to really be more robust. He’s an E-rank hunter who strives his approach to turn into an S-hunter.


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