[NEW] LEAKED Spoiler for Boruto Chapter 50 RAW Scans, BATTLE of Boruto vs Isshili, Complete Spoiler

In Boruto Chapter Chapter 50, a ferocious conflict begins between Naruto, both Boruto and Sasuke on a single side along with Isshiki about the opposite. Isshiki is hell bent on beating the trio and choose Kawaki. Inside the last chapter, we found that Isshiki was still hovering around Konohagakure in the hunt of Kawaki. Meanwhile, the Shinobi begins evacuating everybody out of the village.

Kawaki needs security as Isshiki goes.

The preceding phase starts with Isshiki hovering in excess of Konohagakure. Meanwhile, the term is out about the arrival of Isshiki and also shinobi in the ground starts to evacuate the village.

Isshiki is making use of his own Byakugan technique to see through the walls however does not seem to believe it is all effective. In the interim, Shikamaru declares only Naruto and Sasuke will deal with Isshiki. Boruto would like to join with the conflict, however, Naruto informs him to help the group folks.

Sasuke and Naruto to struggle Isshiki using total energy, this may function as the very last conflict. More Concerning the powers of Isshiki. Jigen might decide to try to retrieve Kawaki to use since his vessel at the very last. Jigen’s brand new DoJustu eyecatching.

The entry of additional loyal members of Kara and helping Jigen. Information on Boruto’s pure eye, Karma forces, what exactly it can be, and its own origins. Keys of Kaguya’s Otsutsuki associate that later possessed Jigen.

Sasuke then formulates an idea retaining Isshiki’s shrinking capabilities in your mind. He informs Boruto to change to a katana together with his Transformation Jutsu.

Sasuke hurls the katana in Isshiki when he faces him. But, Isshiki failed to shrink and comprehended that Boruto was utilizing Momoshiki’s karma and forces to enter the other portal.

Isshiki makes the decision to ditch Byakugan and asks the shinobi about Kawaki’s whereabouts. He threatens the shinobi to present the positioning or he will destroy a civilian.

Sasuke comes up with an agenda, keeping in mind, Isshiki’s shrinking abilities. He requests Boruto to utilize his inaugural Jutsu to modify his shape into a katana.

When Sasuke confronts Isshiki, he hurls that the katana in him. When Isshiki neglects to psychologist it, then he realizes it is Boruto who utilizes Karma and the ability of Momoshiki to start an internet portal. The brand new chapter is very likely to start using the struggle between Boruto, Naruto, Sasuke and also Isshiki in some other dimension.

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