Latest LEAKED Spoiler for BLACK CLOVER CHAPTER 262: ASTA CRASHES THE CAPTAIN MEETING & Read Complete Conversation Between Them

We are going to see noel because it’s been like what like10 chapters or like 11 12 chapters and a whole extra day has passed since noel in the heart kingdom went boom boom so honestly, I’m surprised that we’re seeing knocked an Asta but honesty ya surprise i wanted to see but anyway the chapter would start with asta asking the way how to use a devil’s power questioning about the fact that knocked his devil magic and then suddenly knocked devil on his shoulders peaks and this is where we get the confirmation ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately, it is revealed knocked is a trap he is not a female I mean there’s no way you can get this translation wrong but pretty much the devil on his shoulder says sir knocked who is the small kid which is pretty interesting because not even the devil knows but obviously knocked knows who Oster is now what’s also interesting about this Is a lot of you predicted that this is the earth spirit.

I don’t know where that theory came from but a lot of you predicted that this was the earth spirit we’re going to see the earth spur button ladies and gentlemen it is confirmed that the person on knocked shoulders is the devil I’m pretty bad with pronouncing names but it’s g-u-i-m-e-r-o now remember this is fan translation so it could be different gramero apparently knocked his ability temporarily summon his devil in the physical plane the devil says stop that this is just a temporary form confirming that the devil does actually live in Knox grimoire or we believe but knocked is using some sort of magic to summon the devil into the physical world which is pretty insane

Does that mean we’re going to get a chili version of the anti-magic devil-like is this turning into Pokémon’s asking going to be like go anti-magic devil I choose you we’re going to have devil fights like in the background asta goes go auntie magic devil cast tail whip-like i don’t know where we’re going with this but it’s pretty cool concept maybe it’s just an illus like maybe it’s just like maybe they can’t attack they’re just there to like the talk I don’t know I don’t really know I mean the fact that other people can see it is pretty interesting and even us is like that is a devil heist talking to a devil so casually knocked introduces unto offload saying you’re also devil-possessed this is my devil genderland the devil is literally honestly iota be honest with you the devil is actually kind of cute it’s like really small and cute but obviously that’s his temporary form his other form is probably a lot bigger uhm looks so funny

I don’t know why Aston then notices the black bull’s logo unpicked grimmarbag which obviously Oscar is confirming you really are the black bullets but a vice-captain knocked and explained that he’s only ever been to the base the very first time and after the very first time he never returned he went on to a mission to spy on the spade kingdom so this also confirms that whoever we saw in the diamond kingdom isn’t actually knocked a lot I know the big theory was one of the diamond kingdom mages is actually knocked I was kind of in on that theory because of the way the boots were shaped but unfortunately it would appear that that fury has now been canceled this is I mean not even says it like his own this is the first time but anyway knuckledusters his devil magic and uh her horns his horns start to disappear but which also means the devil disappears which is pretty interesting the devil also actually says ah.

let me speak a little bit more while knock is like unsummoning it well that’s pretty interesting but then knocked goes on to say I actually hate yummy the way he’s frustrating he’s persistent that yummy is probably going to die Austin honestly just absolutely shocked even though he doesn’t know not he goes I need to trust you because you’re the only person that can make me use the devil’s strength so teach me knock actually responds I like your honesty I like that kind of person knocks pretty an interesting kind of person what’s also interesting is not we almost never see knocked eyes throughout this whole chapter up until the final page knocked has closed eyes and he’s always smiling which honestly I don’t know if you’ve watched bleach it reminds me a lot eigengene is one of my favorite characters in bleach and I’m still watching bleach so you guys and nothing terrible has happened to him as of yet and I hope nothing terrible happens to him after that but yeah knock says for now you need to rest you need proper training want to take you somewhere tomorrow and then we get a time skip it’s now the morning it’s day we see the clover kingdom still rebuilding.

we go into the magic knights courthouse and in walks all of the captains remaining we got Noelle we got Dorothy we got real we got jack we got charlotte we got hum thor kaiser kaiser and we have fuguele on obviously we also have vice captain judorepresentingthe golden dawn now what’s interestinghere is we don’t have black bull representative which is interesting because I would have thought we’d at least have maybe funeral or Vanessa but maybe Julius already knew noctis coming obviously from the golden dawn we have vice-captain you know and when Yun walks Inyo we get this absolutely depression now obviously you knows lost a lot of blood this this could explain around his eyes but it looks like euros been crying a lot if I’m being honest with you you know looks like he is literally one despair away from turning into a five-leaf grimoire you know also notices the wizard king Julius novachronostill sitting in the wizard king mantleso it is confirmed that Julius is still the wizard king at this very precise moment and also I want to point out Julius looks destroyed especially because he the fact that he knows that William and Yami just got captured and the fact that if he had his magic could easily bet Julius would solo the entire spadekingdom time magic is just so unstoppable and he’s just depressed because he literally can’t do anything they start talking we get at times to get another small major time skip and they go that concludes the report of the black bulls the tree of kill cloth that connects the afterworld in this world requirement is that Yami and vengeance real saying you don’t say to think that those two got abducted even charlotte uh shocked charlotte acting pretty normal and then we see obviously the second side of charlotte inside her own way absolutely worried and terrified for she for Yami

But I want to pause here want to pause before we continue on a let’s take it slowly in the report they’re talking about the golden dawn massacre and obviously the obliteration of the black bulls in no way shape or form in this report do any of them mention the heart kingdom mean why would they funeral left before veronica arrived will go left to go to the captain’s meeting so he’s not at the heart kingdoms it appears that nobody has any idea what has happened in the heart kingdom maybe they still think the heart kind of is already destroyed this big kingdom they do not know that the heart kingdom has literally been annihilated veronica came veronica attacked veronica annihilated like it seems that they do not know and this is even more worrying because at this point it’s been like what two days since every everything happened as a took a day to recover and then knock said we need to sleep.

And then tomorrow I need you to take somewhere so this is now two days since the heart kingdom went boom boom so it’s even more worrying because what is going on is is mimosa even alive because like I’m being honest with you Noelle okay Noah I can see surviving but mimosa like she was in the dead center of that explosion he’ll even lock Leo I mean Leo is fire magic maybe he can survive the explosion but the citizens definitely can’t Garcia’s fastest house so he probably managed to save a few people and get out but mimosa plant magic versus explosion don’t see how plants could save her noel was pretty far like pretty interestingly close but still kind of faraway think she would have got saved but think the whole noel in the heart kingdom situation needs its own.

Being said they will continue jack actually starts attacking you know saying that’s interesting not you are not overestimating because you’re scared almost dead magnificent vice-captain of the golden dawn jack actually insulting you is absolutely heartbreaking and you know actually gets angry the first time we’re actually seeing emotions shown by you which is pretty interesting like we’ve never seen an angry you know Dorothy for the shout outs to frisky is still sleeping in the corner the guardian is trying to calm the situation down stop it jackknife even coming in saying I want to kill him myself jack threatens to leave because this meeting is going nowhere knows all stops and saying what are you going to go say beyond me in Jackson’s even if I waist’s not up to you charlotte’s saying wait I want to come with you for guardian mad that everything is outshrilling out of control and then we hear a voice and total darkness it’s good that the desires seem enough everyone’s shocked turned straight towards the wizard king appearing in front of the wizard king is the vice-captain of the black bulls knocked but I hate people who can’t even hold meetings properly knocked for the first time in the last like I don’t know two chapters finally opens his eyes can you be quiet for a while captains knocked eyes look absolutely horrifying and the chapter ends with the abbreviation this man’s brave once again confirming knocked is a male now I am going to wait until the official translation.

Wakai Yoshike

Wakai Yoshike

Hi, My name is Wakai Yoshike, and graduated from the Aoyama Gakuin University of Tokyo with graduation in computer science. I am very passionate about cartoons, games, and very curious about reading comics and playing games.

Wakai Yoshike

Hi, My name is Wakai Yoshike, and graduated from the Aoyama Gakuin University of Tokyo with graduation in computer science. I am very passionate about cartoons, games, and very curious about reading comics and playing games.

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